Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updates on Lamentor and Malakim!

As previously discussed here is my mock ups for my Chapter Master so far and also my "Lamentor".

The Chapter Master is taken directly from IA 9. Although I have chosen him to be representative of a general Chapter Master or Captain figure for my force. (His name is Malakim and although I am finally thrilled to have a special character that is Lamenters only... his stats and abilties are a little lack lustre. Plus why would FW do a figure for a codex that's Sagnuinary Guard has Jump Packs and do a Chapter Master WITHOUT one!....)

Fear me! I am headless!

The second figure is the Lamentor. My version of the Sanguinor for the Lamenters. If you have read my Black Blood Fiction the background is there being set up for this to be a construct of the Lamenters NOT Azkaelleon. But I still think it'r rather cool.

Thats right Mo Fo! No face!!!!! ARHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The arm needs to be put upward... but am finding a shoulder pad rather difficult to source that will fit and look suitable.

Dam it stand still mister.
Comments appreciated.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lamenters Librarians

The Lamenters have always had to recruit from a variety of worlds, unlike their Blood Angel founders the chapter has for all of its history been a fleet based one. Although this has allowed greater flexibility in the ability to recruit from worlds, the chances of recruiting a potential psyker are haphazard and based off where the chapter currently is during a recruitment campaign. After the Badab War only four Librarians remained on the Chapter Honor roll, the former Chief Librarian had fallen during the conflict and a successor had yet to be named by the conclusion of the conflict.

Brother Epistolary Sonollion. Note that he is wearing typical Codex pattern colors. The Lamenters are a fairly rigid organization still adhering to the codex where practicality allows.
The Chief Librarian position is left vacant until a Lamenter Librarian has mastered what is known as the Book of Counted Sorrows. This tome a living document added to by each Chief Librarian records the fall of every Lamenter brother and the manner in which he perished in service to Sanguinus.  The tome itself has been rebound countless times and added too over the thousands of years since its inception and now consists of over 30 volumes, all treated as treasured artifacts by the Chapter. When the successor to the Chief Librarian has read each of the volumes and understands the loss and sacrifice and after his "testing" he is appointed Chief Librarian. The actual "testing" is an unknown rite to every member of the Chapter save the Sepulchre Guard. It is they who administer the "test" and it is their province alone whether the Chief Librarian has passed or failed. Failure however always results in the Death of the "Librarian Elect". After a completion of this test, the Chapter Master is presented with his new Chief Librarian who by tradition he grants his blessing and accepts as his chief advisor over all psychic matters.

Chief Librarian Ronwe. Ronwe is armed with a force sword of Eldar Design that was recovered some time in  M36. The weapons past is uknown but the strange matrix like honeycomb at its core amplifies the abilities of the user several times. In his other hand he carries an ancient plasma pistol, passed down from the same era.

The current Chief Librarian Ronwe has now served six decades as Chief Librarian, taking the test in 932.M41. Prior to his taking of the test Ronwe was known as a powerful Epistolary who showed a grim determination when engaged in battle with his enemies. With a booming loud voice Ronwe would erupt in battle using force lightning to blast opponents as he moved forward across the field of battle encouraging his battle brothers to acts of bravery in the face of their foes. He was known as a battle brother who although forever not accepted completely by his brother marines would often partake in the more physical competitions favored by the 8th Company Assault Squads when not in battle or completing his other duties.

A log entry by the Mentor Legion Chaplain Fortius in 925.M41 talks of a giant of a marine who's voice carried across the entire battle damning the enemy and leading from the front facing off odds of at least 50 to 1. However after his "testing" Ronwe has become stern. His booming voice still calls out across the field but their is now an inherent hardness in the tone and he no longer is as accepting of the company of his battle brothers. He spends his time in the Chapters Librarium adding line after line to the Book of Counted Sorrows and forever looking to recruit to the tiny brotherhood of librarians that still exist in the Lamenters Chapter.

Total Strength of Chapter Librarium 999.M41

Chief Librarian Ronwe
Epistolary Sonillion
Codicer Heran
Codicer Ignatius
Codicer Wizerav
Initate Codicer Lexiasto

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inquisitor Taipan of the Ordo Hereticus

Name; Inquisitor Taipan. Ordo Hereticus Junior Legate.
Rank; Inquisitor Ordinate. Junior Legate formerly attached to Lord Inquisitor Falina

As the mystery of the Lamenters unfolded, one man led the investigations. Little did he know where it would lead him would be to his own death at the hands of a Hive Fleet.

Taipan left Segmentum Solar some time in late 899.M41 recently having completed his investigations of the Lamenters. He arrived at Malvolion carrying writs of investigation and orders to cleanse any taint he found. If required he knew that a few scant light years away the bulk of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter would be able to assist in any overwhelming show of force required to ensure compliance with his orders.

He arrived in system in 999.M41 unknowing of the threat that was about to engulf Malvolion or both the Lamenters and the Scythes of the Emperor. He had been in the warp for over 2 months and communication had been impossible with the outside. The only clue that something was amiss was the sudden return to normal space as the Deep Space Vessel "Throne of Judgement" lurched into reality.

Inquisitor Taipan of the Ordo Heretics outside Command Bunker 23, Malvolion 999.M41. He is armed with a force weapon of typical Inquisition design. His body armor is supplemented with a refractor field to ward off attacks, while in his left hand is a master crafted bolter. His clothing,  like all agents of the Inquisition is eclectic and comes down to his own personal preference.

Within a few seconds the young Inquisitor was beset. He had been on the Command Bridge waiting to open a hail and demand compliance, instead what he saw drained all the color from his face. Three bio-ships many times larger than an Emperor Class Battleship were already descending upon the planet. Hundreds more biological strike craft were trailing behind them or protecting the larger ships from a small Imperial fleet that was standing off close to Malvolion. The comm chatter indicated the Lamenters had deployed to the surface in defense of several key installations and to support the Mordian Iron Guard Tank Regiments which were being steadily overrun.

Taipan was known for his use of Servo Skulls to record his actions and ensure that any signs of Heresy were captured on vid pict. From this angle it is also possible to see the extensive cybernetic implants that the young Inquisitor has been able to procure over his career.

Taipan immediately made a choice that would bury the secret of the Lamenters again... and lead to his own doom. Ordering the Navigator to set course for the Planet he was able to make planet fall and join up with his fellow Inquistior Draco of the Ordo Xenos. The meeting between the two was brief, Draco being the senior Inquisitor had little time to spare for what he thought was a travelling Hereticus Inquisitor who happened to stumble into the new war zone. He ordered Taipan to join the Malvolion PDF and Arbite Troops that were attempting to ensure an orderly evacuation of the Capital.

Interrogator Huan has served with Taipan for the last 5 years. The Interrogator's chosen weapon is the flamer which has been extensively modified in a typical Inquisitorial pattern. He is seen here chanting a psalm from the Book of Judgement.

The Capital was overrun several hours later, there was no trace of Inquisitor Taipan or his agents and no records are written to indicate he survived. As far as his own Order assume, Taipan was lost when the Throne of Judgement entered the Warp in 999.M41 in Segmentum Solar and has never reappeared.

Rear view of the Interrogator, showing the blessed promethium tanks that feed the flamer.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Captain Herophilos Konstantin

Name; Captain Herophilos Konstantin
Rank; Captain 5th Company. Lamenters. Protector of the Iconostasis, Master of the Parastas.

The 5th Company of the Lamenters has had a distinguished history and it's latest Captain is filled with pride to be given such a chance to serve the Emperor and Sanguinus as it's leader. The 5th Company known by it's nickname the "bolts" after it's first Captain cleaved an eldar warlock in two like a bolt of lightning as he sped past on his jet bike just after the Company came to full strength in M36.

As Captain of the 5th Company, Konstantin is known as the Protector of the Iconostasis and Master of the Parastas, both internal Lamenter titles awarded to each 5th Company Captain as he is appointed and inducted into the deeper mysteries of the Chapter. Imperial Scholars note that the Iconostasis is old High Gothic from the M31 and the word roughly translates as the place of division between where a body is laid to rest and the greater cathedral. The title of Master of the Parastas also is an old High Gothic title not used since the last burial of Primarch in M32. The Prastas was the musical and prayer component sung or spoken at the internment of these heros of the Imperium. The last one actually completed was for Rogal Dorn sometime after the recovery of his skeletal hands before their incasement in amber by the Imperial Fists.

Captain Konstantin. Protector of the Iconostasis.

Whether or not the Lamenters had something or have something to do with the funeral rite or burial of Sanguinus is open to conjecture, as they were not founded until M36. However the investigations of Ordo Hereticus Legate Taipan after the events of the Badab War have uncovered links between the Lamenters and the aftermath of the Heresy. Taipan had been investigating an archeotech discovery that supposedly had been used in the modification of geneseed sometime around M36, the same time of the Lamenter founding. All records pertaining to Taipan's investigation however are now gone, lost along with him, his retinue and supposedly the Lamenter's themselves when he arrived at Malovolion just a few short hours before Kraken struck the planet consuming all biological matter in the system. What the young Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor discovered or feared is now lost.

Konstantin had only served a short time as Captain, since 958.M41, but had already distinguished himself as a leader amongst his peers and the marines under his command never wavered or faltered in battle. Konstantin had been a Veteran Sergeant of the 1st Company prior to his Captaincy and had fought with Chapter Master Malakim Phorus serving in his honor guard as early as 899.M41. Konstantin was a fearless marine and when named Champion of the 1st Company in 900.M41 took any challenge presented to him on behalf of the company. Konstantin's skill with a blade was matched only by members of the Sepluchre Guard and he spent much of his time sparing with the ancient warriors even when he became Captain. His greatest desire is to one day be uplifted to their hallowed ranks.

Note the Shoulder pad depiciting Sanguinus. Sanguinus is wearing a blue robe, often associated with his funerary robe when he was interred in M31. Most other scion Chapters depict the Primarch in a white or red robe.

Konstantin know fights with "Judgement" the sceptre of office of the 5th Company Captain, a power weapon that has not been manufactured since M35 and has fallen out of use in the Astrates generally due to their increased power drain compared to later models. Konstantin now practices constantly with the mace like weapon and understands that after he finally masters it, only then will he be worthy of the rank he now holds.  The Captain also wields a rare combi melta, which he has lovingly restored since it's discovery in the Armory. The Chapter's techmarines so impressed with his artisan skills presented a servo skull to the Captain to assist him in the field.

Konstantin wears MkVI armor his black helm denoting his status as having served in the 1st Company and as a veteran of those fabled warriors. The leg plates are highly ornamented with script and designs depicting the former owners of the armor.  His right shoulder pad holds a green laurel denoting his former title of 1st Company Champion and the right pad denotes the "Sanguinus Penitent" an award common amongst the scions of Sanguinus for the ability to resist the Red Thirst even in the most dire of circumstances. His backpack is also decorated with skulls, in this case loyal Chapter retainers who even in death continue to serve their Captain. The chequered panel tabard is another award from his time in the 1st Company when he led Strike Force "Sanguine Victus" against the Dark Eldar pirate warband that was terrorizing the Griessan Shipping Lanes. Konstantin's bold boarding tactics caught the pirates unaware and within 3 months he had restored security to the Shipping Lanes of the Sector.  Hanging from his neck is his Terminator Crux, awarded to all members who are honored to fight in the few remaining suits of Terminator Armor that the Chapter holds.

The Laurels also common for Company Champions are awarded to any Lamenter who has the authority to carry the Company banner. The skull device in the centre depicts that the wearer has carried the banner and not let it fall in combat.

Konstantin's banner is that held by every 5th Company Captain since its inception. The four paneled background with the central red heart. The censer hanging from the banner was awarded to the 5th Company by the Hawk Lords Chapter sometime in M38 for the saving of several of their land raiders from destruction around the Eye of Terror in the now forgotten "Helios Campaign". The Censer is a sacred artifact of the 5th Company and it is traditionally carried into battle by the Captain. Lastly Konstantin wears a black cloak, as all those of Command Rank do in the Lamenters which is common amoghts the entire Astrates, it's blue braid honors Konstantin as a 150 year veteran of the Chapter.

From behind the polished skulls of two of the Companies favored retainers have been honored with being used on the Captains backpack. The censer as noted was a gift from the Hawk Lord Chapter sometime in the distant past. At his feet, his servo skull projects data constantly into the view screen of the Type VI helmet that Konstantin wears.

Notes!: Left arm is from the DA veteran sprue, chest is from the Templar sprue, Left Shoulder pad is from the DC sprue, Combi Weapon from the SM Commander, Cloak from the SM Commander, Legs from the DC sprue. Servo Skull from the Dev Box, Censer from the DA veteran sprue. Laurel Pad from the SM Command Squad. Helmet from the SM Tactical set. Backpack is a standard AOBR backpack with two skulls from WFP Vampire Counts cut to fit the sides.  Servo skull has been attached with a small brass rod to ensure it stays attached to base. The banner is from the SM Command Squad.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scout Squad Victor

Name; Scout Squad Victor. 10th Company. Lamenters Chapter.
Organizational; Led by Scout Sgt Victor Nazeni

In 922.M41 when the penitent Crusade was launched the Lamenters were operating at less than 1/3 operational capacity. With limited resources and even fewer candidates to fill the huge gaps that had wiped out entire companies recruitment became a natural focus for the Chapter.

Sergeant Victor Nazeni had only recently been promoted to the 2nd Company himself when he was offered the position as a Sergeant in the 10th Company. Nazeni was known as a quietly spoken battle brother, who focused on the task at hand calmly and with a certain detachment. His steady voice even in the thick of battle would report whatever task he had been assigned. It was this quality that led the depleted Chapter leadership to promote him to Sergeant, entrusting his demeanor would allow him to educate the next generation of brother marines. Victor has held the position now for over seven decades and has become a counsellor, advisor and mentor to several Company Captains on matters technical and on the abilities of new brethren. Victor recently turned down the post as "Master of the Styx," (The official title of the Captain of the 10th Company.) as he wished to remain on active service teaching the recruits. Quietly the Chapter leadership have become concerned that the Sergeant may be experiencing battle fatigue after now 5 decades of constant active service moving from campaign to campaign.

Sergeant Victor Nazeni. Victor's favored weapon is the Sniper Rifle.

Although trained in all manner of weapons, it is infiltration and working behind enemy lines that Victor's skills really come to the fore. The Lamenters are no stranger to loss or bad luck and it has only been the skills and teachings of Victor that have saved squads of battle brothers and recruits that have been cut off behind enemy lines or when disaster has struck during an advance and forces have been surrounded.

Scout Sergeants wear Yellow Camo cloaks to show their rank amongst the recruits.

On the death world Operta, it was Victor, the sole survivor of his squad he eluded the Minotaurs for 6 weeks, leading them on a wild chase through the dead Savannah hills and gullies that litter the largest continent on the death world. With little more than his combat blade and a bolt gun he managed to kill at least 9 Minotaurs and destroy several valuable fuel dumps before finally being captured.

Scout Squad "Nazeni" 993.M41 Note that the Sergeant is the only member of the squad to have the full chequer pattern armor pad. The recruits are experienced members of the Scout Company as they have been awarded a basic 4 square chequer pattern for their own armor pads. Fresh Recruits or those with less experience begin with a pure white pad.

Victor is well schooled in the ways of the Codex Astrates and also employs more unique and self devised techniques when dealing with the enemy or new recruits. On Gista Ulix in 926.M41 he even went as far to ritually undergo extensive tattooing to prove to a group of new initiates that he was their new leader in place of their chief, instead of more traditional methods employed by other Astrates Chapters when recruiting initiates.

Scout Brother Harmen has served now 3 years as a scout and mastered all of the techniques taught him by Nazeni. Harmen has a uncanny aptitude with the Heavy Bolter and several Captains have earmarked the Scout to fill a place eventually in their own tactical squads. Harmen's biological brother Igorian was also recruited at the same time by the Lamenters when they inducted several recruits from the Ghost World of Naxin in 991.M41