Sunday, December 26, 2010

Death Company Lamenters

Well another finished section. The Death Compnay as I previously wrote about for the Lamenters is one of the more BA elements of the chapter. It is designed around the Death Company for the BA but I wanted it to have a slightly different thematical element. I had considered alabaster armor but it seemed not as keeping in line with the fluff.

I went with a yellow and black scheme for a few reasons

1). To keep the colors tied to the force generally
2). To ensure that it still had that BA styling in it as a successor chapter
3). I wanted to keep away from the bumble bee type color scheme

The DC are armed with two inferno pistols, 1 PW and 1 PF. I did 10 of them so I can do smaller squads when required. I also had a Razorback and Rhino completed for them as well to give me even further options for a delivery method.

I do not like the idea of a JP death co, I guess it has more to do with control of the force than anything else. The biggest problem is controlling the dc and making them head toward what you want them too. On foot, at least you have that ability. I also am not convinced the only delivery method is a LRC or LRR as is most probable. Unfortunately with only 1 LR of any type it becomes a fire magnet for all forces, and I thought it was better served as a Terminator delivery option or at the least standard assualt squad option.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Memories of Draco...

This figure is one of my favorites now... He was also one of the first models I collected... way back when.

When it came time to get him painted I was quite excited and impressed by how he came out. The entire thing though with this figure is as its an early sculpt it is nowhere near as perfect as I would like. Citadel was not known for its great sculpts in the late 80 and early 90 period. Its also one of the rare sculpts that uses bionics and has terminator armor.

Draco as I called him... was based off the Ian Watson novel of Inquistior.... the same figure appears on the front cover. However his armor is blood red. I wanted yellow to match the Lamenters scheme. The blend seems quite good actually and I am rather impressed with him. The skin is deliberately dark and grey... I wanted this to show that humanity is different... and as a psyker... its part of his mutation. It is also a silent nod to Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Draco in Terminator MKVI Armor. Note the slightly rounded Shoulders.

Draco is armed with a combi weapon, in this case I think orginally it was a combi las and bolter, however I use it as a combi melta or flamer. He has his force weapon strapped to his front in a blue scabard and his digital rings... show on his powerfist.

His retinue however require more work before they are completed fully.