Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updates on Lamentor and Malakim!

As previously discussed here is my mock ups for my Chapter Master so far and also my "Lamentor".

The Chapter Master is taken directly from IA 9. Although I have chosen him to be representative of a general Chapter Master or Captain figure for my force. (His name is Malakim and although I am finally thrilled to have a special character that is Lamenters only... his stats and abilties are a little lack lustre. Plus why would FW do a figure for a codex that's Sagnuinary Guard has Jump Packs and do a Chapter Master WITHOUT one!....)

Fear me! I am headless!

The second figure is the Lamentor. My version of the Sanguinor for the Lamenters. If you have read my Black Blood Fiction the background is there being set up for this to be a construct of the Lamenters NOT Azkaelleon. But I still think it'r rather cool.

Thats right Mo Fo! No face!!!!! ARHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The arm needs to be put upward... but am finding a shoulder pad rather difficult to source that will fit and look suitable.

Dam it stand still mister.
Comments appreciated.

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  1. Glad to see the Lamentor coming together. Also really like the FW legs you have on Malakim...