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Inquisitor Taipan of the Ordo Hereticus

Name; Inquisitor Taipan. Ordo Hereticus Junior Legate.
Rank; Inquisitor Ordinate. Junior Legate formerly attached to Lord Inquisitor Falina

As the mystery of the Lamenters unfolded, one man led the investigations. Little did he know where it would lead him would be to his own death at the hands of a Hive Fleet.

Taipan left Segmentum Solar some time in late 899.M41 recently having completed his investigations of the Lamenters. He arrived at Malvolion carrying writs of investigation and orders to cleanse any taint he found. If required he knew that a few scant light years away the bulk of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter would be able to assist in any overwhelming show of force required to ensure compliance with his orders.

He arrived in system in 999.M41 unknowing of the threat that was about to engulf Malvolion or both the Lamenters and the Scythes of the Emperor. He had been in the warp for over 2 months and communication had been impossible with the outside. The only clue that something was amiss was the sudden return to normal space as the Deep Space Vessel "Throne of Judgement" lurched into reality.

Inquisitor Taipan of the Ordo Heretics outside Command Bunker 23, Malvolion 999.M41. He is armed with a force weapon of typical Inquisition design. His body armor is supplemented with a refractor field to ward off attacks, while in his left hand is a master crafted bolter. His clothing,  like all agents of the Inquisition is eclectic and comes down to his own personal preference.

Within a few seconds the young Inquisitor was beset. He had been on the Command Bridge waiting to open a hail and demand compliance, instead what he saw drained all the color from his face. Three bio-ships many times larger than an Emperor Class Battleship were already descending upon the planet. Hundreds more biological strike craft were trailing behind them or protecting the larger ships from a small Imperial fleet that was standing off close to Malvolion. The comm chatter indicated the Lamenters had deployed to the surface in defense of several key installations and to support the Mordian Iron Guard Tank Regiments which were being steadily overrun.

Taipan was known for his use of Servo Skulls to record his actions and ensure that any signs of Heresy were captured on vid pict. From this angle it is also possible to see the extensive cybernetic implants that the young Inquisitor has been able to procure over his career.

Taipan immediately made a choice that would bury the secret of the Lamenters again... and lead to his own doom. Ordering the Navigator to set course for the Planet he was able to make planet fall and join up with his fellow Inquistior Draco of the Ordo Xenos. The meeting between the two was brief, Draco being the senior Inquisitor had little time to spare for what he thought was a travelling Hereticus Inquisitor who happened to stumble into the new war zone. He ordered Taipan to join the Malvolion PDF and Arbite Troops that were attempting to ensure an orderly evacuation of the Capital.

Interrogator Huan has served with Taipan for the last 5 years. The Interrogator's chosen weapon is the flamer which has been extensively modified in a typical Inquisitorial pattern. He is seen here chanting a psalm from the Book of Judgement.

The Capital was overrun several hours later, there was no trace of Inquisitor Taipan or his agents and no records are written to indicate he survived. As far as his own Order assume, Taipan was lost when the Throne of Judgement entered the Warp in 999.M41 in Segmentum Solar and has never reappeared.

Rear view of the Interrogator, showing the blessed promethium tanks that feed the flamer.

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