Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nobody expects the Spanish... and trooping the color.

Well another week has gone past... unfortunately I have not had much time in the last week to do a lot on my army. However I have been considering the direction of the army and what I will eventually do with it. Due to the re release of the GK... this presents me with what to do with my Inquistional forces which I am trying NOT to relegate to Apoc missions.

Therefore I have decided to create a modest 1500 to 1750 point Inq force after the next codex is released based off Inq Storm Troopers as a troop choice.

However more about that in the future. For the moment I am now working quitely away on my Death Company and have come up with an appropiate scheme for the Lamenters to show their BA roots, but also add some more flavor to the forces.

Traditional BA Heraldry and Designs are all red, with the Death Company being basically Black. The IA9 specifically shows a Lamenters Marine DC.... in traditional gear of black. The only other Lamenters site I know of... over at Zen 40,000 has done his in alabaster white.

I have decided to go with a more traditional scheme

Standard Lamenter.

Death Company Lamenter

I am still not sure about the scheme.... and the representation above is meant to show the black basic color and the yellow as the accent. Comments are welcomed....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stern views on Xenos incursions...

As this project is fundamentally a blending of armies with a solid Lamenters base... it quickly became apparent with the new release of the Codex GK... that my Ordo Malleus allies would be relegated to Apoc games. The Inquisition however is not so easily silenced... even by GW.

I decided therefore to base my sternguard vets, on the deathwatch. For those of you unaware, the deathwatch are the space marine fighting arm of the Ordo Xenos. Their entire role is to eliminate Xenos threats to the Imperium under the watchful eyes of the Inquistion.

I speculated that the Ordo Xenos would have deployed forces to Malovlion. From a fluff perspective it makes sense for Crusading Fleet especially one so far out into uncharted space to contain at least a contingent of Ordo Xenos forces. (Plus keeping an eye on the potential heretical Lamenters to ensure they kept their pennance and continued on the crusade after the events of the Badab War)

A ten man squad made up of sternguard seemed to fit the bill nicely... filling an Elite Slot for the army and at the same time ensuring the flavor of the force was retained even if the IST and Inq themselves were banished to Apoc games.

I deliberately picked a diverse range of Chapters. Some known and some others quite obscure but they all share a common thread.

Sergeant. Is a Space Wolf... easily identifiable by his pack markings and wolf totems. I was inspired by the Ultramarines novel where Uriel Ventris joins a squad which has a Space Wolf Sergeant. Also as I am quite opposed to generally open helms the Space Wolf figures tend to lend themselves to open helms and faces.

Heavy Bolter. Heavy Weapon Marine... Lamenters Chapter. I did 3 of the 10 as Lamenters, 2 normal and one with the heavy weapon. It would seem pretty obvious after 80 years of constant crusade that the Lamenters would replace the losses of the squad first and foremost.

Dark Angels. Another haunted chapter, it fitted quite well in the Lamenters theme of loss and something darker sitting in the background.

Blood Angels. The progenitor chapter itself... had to be represented. Here he is the marine with the Sanguine Backpack.

Mortifactors. I had read the Badab war and how at one stage the Mortifactors had refused to fight alongside the Lamentors... it seemed appropiate that in their darkest hour that a single Mortifactor marine should be present. He is distinguished by his backpack made of skulls.

Emperors Swords. A little known chapter the only refernce too is that they were wiped out from within when their recruits and brothers turned on them due to the Alpha Legion's influence. I liked the idea of a final marine... definat yet flawed. Still serving with the Ordo Xenos. I used the Chapter Champion for the figure as it usually is armed with a sword... hence their is an echo of a sword theme.

Ultramarine. Obvious as anything... the roman pose, the cape, the almost arogance of the MKVIII armor amongst his colleagues. A leader amongst men... amongst marines, he serves as a squad leader when I divide the squad or as another Sergeant.

Last and again in the more recent MKVIII armor is a member of the Sycthes of the Emperor. Now lost wiped out to a man by Kraken... another crusading chapter laid low. He was done deliberately in this armor and pose to show how overbearing the Ultramarine was over his compatriots.

The bolters are forge world issue pattern. I picked them as they represent perfectly the Sternguard idea of multiple ammunition on a single bolter. I liked the idea of at least one heavy weapon though, hence the Heavy Bolter.

Click the pics to see a bigger image. I was quite happy with how they came up... the silver deathwatch symbol showing through on each of them. The Red Inq symbol being something slightly different from the typical yellow I had used before. But the bases still lead a cohesive unit to fit the army.

Lamenter, Dark Angel, Space Wolf, Ultramarine and Lamenter
Mortifactor, Scythes of the Emperor, Blood Angel, Emperors Swords, Lamenter

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Captain on the Bridge...

Well here I am yet again with another much delayed Lamentors update. This time its the 5th Company Captain.

I have no background for the guy yet, but I wanted him to be quite unique. How to achieve this.

First I decided to use multiple different sprues. I picked these up from various places and my collections.

SM Captain
Black Templars
SM Devestators
SM Tactical
DA Vetran
DC Assualt

Are all used for the figure. I wanted him at first to be my Chapter Master but with the release of IA9 it became interesting... so I decided on keeping him as a Captain.