Epistolary Khira

Name; Epistolary Khira
Rank; Epistolary Brother. Librarian of the Imperial Fists. Assigned Deathwatch 922.M41

Khira was assigned to the Deathwatch upon the request of the Ordo Xenos after his actions in 922.M41. After a successful drop pod incursion upon Helinos IV to investigate an Adeptus Mechanicus Distress Beacon. Helinos IV was a weapons testing facility located deep inside Segmentum Obscurcus that was engaged in biological research to further enhance Imperial Stormtrooper regiments on a genetic level.

Khria was part of a task force of 50 battle brothers that descended to the surface of the arid planet and enter the research facility. The facility however had been overrun with mutation, test subjects roamed the corridors which could hardly be described as human and several variants of genestealer unknown to the Imperial Fists were encountered. Although the creatures fought with an inhuman viciousness borne out of attempting to survive it took little time for the Imperial Fists to cleanse the facility. Just as the mission was deemed completed however an Inquisitorial Cruiser entered the system and immediately announced that the world was under Inquisitorial control and that the Fists had transgressed into Inquisitorial controlled space.

The Captain of the Fists, Idilios immediately entered into talks with the new arrival and a tense meeting between the revealed Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Draco and Idilios soon took place upon the surface of Helinos IV. Inquisitor Draco demanded the immediate release of the facility and any knowledge the Fists had recovered under the authority of the Emperor. However Idilios was no fool and questioned the research and the blending of genestealer DNA with human test subjects and threatened to take his evidence to Segmentum Command and the Ordo Hereticus which the Fists had strong ties. Both parties had no wish for blows to be struck and so they attempted to compromise.

It was eventually agreed that in compensation for the destruction of the facility and its research that a single battle brother of the Fists would be seconded to the Deathwatch in compensation. Draco immediately took the only Battle worthy Psyker present and Khira received the honor of joining the Deathwatch for a tour of duty.  In return Inquisitor Draco dropped all demands for return of the research and sent a citation to Segmentum Command praising the efforts of the Imperial Fists in containing a deadly genestealer outbreak.

Khira has now served 8 decades into his tour with the Deathwatch and is often used as a specialist by Inquisitor Draco when his abilities are required by "Broadsword Squad" in support of their missions. A studious Librarian, Khira is often found pouring over the sacred texts of the Ordo Xenos that he has been granted access too, in an attempt to better understand how certain Xenos can be best affected by his unique abilities. He is equipped in Terminator Armor now painted Ebony and carries standard armament of a Storm Bolter. His force axe "Crepa" is never out of his reach, the weapon has been in the Imperial Fists armory since early M32 and in Khria's hands has been known to cleave heads from genestealers strait through dropping the Xenos to the ground instantly.

As with all members of the Deathwatch, Khira keeps his single shoulder pad blue as a mark of respect to the armor he wears a relic itself from M35. The armor is decorated on the right knee with the tri lightning bolt symbol and rams head with a scroll stating simply "Xenos". A deathwatch award for the slaying of two Xoanthropes in battle through psychic assault.  Khira wears a simple loincloth of yellow to respect his Chapter and the silvered litany belt at his waist contains a key that unlocks the "Book of Martyrs" on his chest. The book is a traditional Fists work which is read by the Chapter's Librarians on the eve of battle, it recalls the story of an unknown Imperial Fist Librarian who stood alongside Rogal Dorn in the early parts of the Great Crusade before the Heresy.