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Calix Primus Soutenir

Name; Calix Primus Soutenir
Rank; Calix Primus. Head of the Lamenters Apothecarium. First Among Equals. The Keeper of the Past.

Soutenir fell at Malvolion along with most of his chapter, however for the Calix Primus... the leader of the Sanguinary Priesthood of the Lamenters Chapter it was a fate he welcomed. Cursed with the growing sorrow in his heart and with the memories of the past growing ever stronger with each passing day, it was almost a relief for the Calix when a Hive Tyrant decapitated him during the final minutes of the Fall of Malvolion.

Recruited from an advanced culture in 922.M41 Soutenir was not taken at random by the Lamenters but chosen for his exceptional abilities to resist mental stress. The young recruit had measured beyond the standard scale for mental resistance to both psychic and emotional abuse even compared to a seasoned veteran and he was inducted into the Priesthood as an acolyte as are all who will become the Calix Primus. Although for any Codex or most non Codex chapters this process is a position earned, respected and one of trust the Chief Apothecary of the Lamenters, their spiritual centre... like any other Calix Primus had to be special even before recruitment.

The curse of Sanguinus runs strong in the blood lines of the successor chapters, however unlike any other of their brethren chapters the Lamenters are doubly cursed. Corbulo of the Blood Angels.... can see the future... it haunts his visions just as it did his Primarch. But the Lamenters are a dark reflection of their cousins in several ways and in this it is no different. Calix Primus Soutenir only can see the past in his visions.

Calix Primus, like all Calix is dressed in the silvered armor of the Seplucher Guard. Soutenir lost his left eye in 969.M41 after a particularly vicious struggle with a Champion of Nurgle in which a single drop of liquid spilt on his face. It was only his skills as a Apothecary that led Soutenir to a cure... removal of half of his entire skull. On his right and left shoulders are displayed the heraldry of the Calix Primus the chalice, the same device is repeated on his chest. In his right hand he carries "Remember" the traditional armament of the Calix Primus an artisan crafted combi-plasma weapon.
Model was designed as follows. Chest is a DC specific chalice one, same with the shoulder pads and legs and backpack. The right arm is from the Apothecary SM command, the left arm and weapon from the SM Commander. The head is the SM commander head as well. When I put him together I got as much stuff with chalices on it as I could find from the remains of my DC sprues and just kept mixing things in till I found the right mix of a chalice style theme. I think it mixes well, unsure of the weapon in retrospect, but it seemed to fit him quite well.

The Lamenters curse is one which goes to the heart of the Blood Angels and the Calix Primus represents that heart spiritually in the Lamenters chapter. The blood that runs in the chalices of the Lamenters Apothecaries is that of Sanguinus, the priests are the living vessels of that blood as well.... just as it is with their cousins the Flesh tearers, The Blood Drinkers and the Blood Angels themselves. The rituals are similiar to their cousins but different and even now at the end of the 41M to any Imperial agency or even another scion of Sanguinus their are haunting similarities between the Lamenters and their cousins. But there is a darker secret that began in 32M that haunts the Lamenters and burdens them well past what their cousins could ever know, the ability of the Calix Primus is only the tip of the iceberg of the dark secrets that envelop the Chapter.

Soutenir's curse however to see past events and his predecessors has saved the Lamenters from destruction. Soutenir recalls in his visions similar battles that the Lamenters face, problems that they encounter and manages to advise his Chapter Master with all of the past knowledge at his disposal. It was Soutenir's knowledge of several worlds that Sanguinus had walked upon when he lived and campaigns that long dead Blood Angels had fought with their primarch that haunted his sight and allow him to tell of how the Primarch and legion triumphed or failed....

The Calix Primus adornments are quite familiar to other scions of Sanguinus such as the Blood Angels and Blood Drinkers.

However like every Calix Primus before him, the cost becomes eventually too great, infused with the essence of the visions of Sanguinus's past and the past of their forebears and those failures that are not recorded, of victories lost, of worlds destroyed that eventually lead every Calix Primus into a state where they are totally lost in the past, trapped reliving battles now long gone.

For Soutenir that moment came when the Tyranids first arrived at Malovolion. He sat silently even as the Chapter roused itself for battle and alone in his cell he began to live the events of the Imperial Siege. Soutenir fell at Malovolion, but for him it was fighting against the traitor legions at the gates of the Palace, watching as his Primarch rose up and struck down the traitors, defending the Emperor to the last.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chaplain Anastasius

 Name; Chaplain Anastasius Fero
Rank; Chaplain. Attached to 7th Company until 888.41M Reassigned 5th Company until 999.M41

Anastasius is an emotional marine for a Chaplain. Unlike most Space marine Chaplains he is not a stern foreboding character who watches his brothers for signs of heresy or impurity at every opportunity but a inspirational and determined figure. Anastatsius has an inner fire which drives him across the field of battle even more so than his brother Lamenters. As a scout in the early 780's of the 41M it was often commented how he was always first to talk of how the squad could accomplish its mission and was seen as a bolstering influence on morale when they were sent out to achieve a task.

In 800.M41 he became a member of the 7th Company and it was here that fate played its hand. Anastasius's squad was cut off from the rest of the Lamenters forces on the desert world of Turic by the rising forms of necrons who had been waiting for them beneath the sands as the Space marines had landed to investigate the disappearance of a Adeptus Mechanicus outpost on the planet. The 7th Company had been deployed in a flanking maneuver to sweep over the sands in Land speeders and Stormravens to investigate the Southern Continent and were unequipped to fight off a determined entrenched foe that rose from nowhere. At least 6 Land Speeders and 2 Stormravens were hit from Gauss weapons and were sent crashing down on the edge of a rocky canyon, the surviving marines, Anastasius amongst them gathered at the canyon and prepared to mount a defense against the metallic warriors who were advancing upon them slowly but steadily. Anastasius and eight other assault marines were greeted with a grizzly sight at the canyon entrance, the torn and bloodied body of Chaplain Gurel who had been shot down as well.

 The ancient Chaplain was dying his back broken and his face a tangled mess of flesh and shattered bone. Gurel however was damned if his death would not be an example to the marines and managed to rise to a sitting position spitting out the words. "You will prevail" before with his last breath he heaved his Crozius with his arm and sent the sacred object toward the marines. Anastasius caught the Crozius in his right hand and rising the ancient weapon above his head, tears streaming down his face his voice low and dark he began the liturgy of sorrow that Gurel had taught them all as young initiates.

Note the silvered adornment, Lamenters Chaplains are particular in their lack of golden coloring. Anastasius also has donned a skull helmet typical of most Chaplians in the Astrates, the reasons for which are unknown but not uncommon amongst the ranks of non codex Chaplains. His armor is still covered with the typical skull motif and purity seals adorn his legs. Of particular note is the chequered banner and censer. The censer is a particular tributary item utilized by the Lamenters, its origins are unknown.

After 12 days a Lamenter Strike Force backed up by a Baneblade of the Harkanian Fire Eaters Imperial Guard finally arrived at the canyon entrance having fought their way across the sands to rescue or recover their fallen brethren. There they found Anastasius and 15 brothers all alive still chanting the liturgy of sorrow surrounded by the broken metallic bodies of their foes in some places knee deep. When asked how they had survived, the marines their voices now hoarse and lips bleeding whispered of how it was Anastasius who would not let them rest, who forced them to continue fighting well beyond their limits of endurance. Anastasius was summoned by the Chaplain accompanying the Strike Force and demanded to know what he had done and how he had kept his brothers alive. The taking of a sacred artifact from the dead without the proper rituals being a particular taboo of the Lamenters Chapter. Anastasius knelt before the Chaplain and held the now chipped and dented Crozius before him before answering his eyes never moving from looking directly into his superiors eyes. "The Emperor protects" was all he said before looking away. The Chaplain grabbed the Crozius and slammed it against the side of the young marines head sending him sprawling flat before responding and holding out his black gloved hand for the marine. "Never look away when you are the righteous as you are the judge and must see all he cannot see from his throne." Anastasius took the black gloved hand presented to him and passed into the ranks of the Lamenters Chaplaincy on that day.

Anastasius served as the Chaplain for the 7th Company for over a century. However with the 7th Company split piecemeal to bolster battle line companies after 888.M41, he became the spiritual protector of the Emperor for the 5th Company, a position he held until the events at Malvolion. Anastasius fell at Malovolion last reports saw him leading the remains of the 7th and 8th squads in a desperate defense of the an Evac point which was then overrun by a pack of Tyranid Warriors armed with close combat weapons. 

Anastasius still wields the same Crozius he was thrown by Chaplain Gurel, the weapon worn and battle marked is a sacred artifact of the Lamenters Chaplaincy having been passed down from Chaplain to Chaplain since the end of 37M. It's design is slightly different, harboring its origins in creation were probably due to some now faded victory the LamentersSanguinus standing protector of the Emperor during the Siege of Terra.  His side arm is a bolt pistol of ancient design dating back to a time when crescent magazine cases dominated the Astrates Armory.

*The Liturgy of Sorrows is a particular chant of the Lamenters Chapter which recalls the funeral procession of Sanguinus and his eventual entombment on Baal.  It describes that Sanguinus would not shrink from his duty to the Emperor even though he knew his fate before going to face the Warmaster. Imperial Historians note that the Liturgy is a prayer of an earlier era or based from one that was popualr amongst the worlds visited by Sanguinus or saved by the Blood Angels after M32 till around 45033.M41

The Crozius is made from a simple application of a Death Company TH with the head removed and replaced with a Angel decoration from the DA ravenwing set. The armor is a head from the Death Company and the chest and legs belong to the DC as well along with the Shoulder pads. The backpack is a DA veteran pack with skulls and the banner from a SM tactical squad. The bolt pistol although partially obscured has a scope from the SM tactical squad and is from a plastic arm set from a character model (libby) circa 1990 Citadel/GW.

Simple Black color scheme with grey highlighting. I removed gold as it clashed too much with the figure and allowed the silver to show through. The scroll work is washed, but not the banner or skulls.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lamenters Armory

The Lamenters as a fleet based Chapter have always suffered a lack of Heavy Fighting Vehicles, items like Land Raiders and Baal Predators are particularly rare to find as part of their offensive arsenal. With the start of the Badab War however this changed dramatically with support for basic STC models such as the Rhino and Razorback being supplemented by Astral Claws who had the ability to produce the items quickly. Most of these were of the more modern patterns, however some archaic patterns not seen since the late M34 were noted by the Minotaurs and later Red Scorpion chapters in their battles with the Lamenters. Whether the Lamenters procured these or had a source of the older variants is unknown.

Lamenters Razorback "Imperius Dominatus" Circa 991.M41 The latest pattern, produced by the Forges on Juric Secundus. The Lamenters were blessed with 18 Razorbacks for their defense of the Forgeworld from an Ork Pirate Attack in 722.M41. The same attack that saw the destruction of the Lamenter Strike Cruiser "Fallen Glorius".

In the aftermath of the Badab War and with the Armory now depleted of most of the more exotic weaponry the chapter became reliant on striking quickly and delivering a deathblow fast to the enemy. The Lamenter's had always had a sense of self reliance due to their uncanny bad luck and it was only the foresight of the Chapter Master Malakim that kept valuable Thunderhawk and Stormraven gunships deployed over a wide area of the Pale Stars during the Badab Rebellion so that an enemy would not be able to wipe out with a stroke the Lamenters offensive capability. After the surrender at Operta to the Minotaur Chapter and their taking of spoils it was only then that the Chapter recalled its remaining Stromraven and Thunderhawk gunships that had been hidden or on extended operations at the fringes or outside of the Pale Stars warzone. Even so, the destruction of almost 90% of the Chapters land force Armory meant that rebuilding was limited to easily supplied vehicles like the Razorback and Rhino variants of the most local forgeworlds.

Side View "Imperius Dominatus" with the typical chapter markings. This Razorback must have been in service for a considerable time to recieve such attention such as the chequer plate. Some Lamenters vehicles are left the plain yellow with little other adoration if they are required in service quickly. The Techmarines are loathe to repaint vehicles after they have seen service, seeing it as an afront to the machine spirit that has already been in battle.

This would some eight decades later haunt the Lamenters and lead them again to the brink of destruction. At Malovolion any defensive action the Lamenters took relied on counter striking Tyranid offensive movements rather than holding objectives or supporting static defenses. The armored might of the 50th Mordian was bought low in first hours of the campaign, caught out in the Savannah plains of the main continent and then overun by the onslaught and acidic rains that Kraken used in the spearhead attack. The Lamenters 3rd and 8th Companies were deployed to assist in the support of the Mordians bore the brunt of the fighting and were wiped out before they could even establish a counter offensive.

Lamenters Rhino "Mortis". Known to hae an extremely troublesome machine spirit, Mortis has served begrudgingly as the transport for the 1st Tactical Squad 5th Company for over 25 years.

Lamenters vehicles follow Codex naming strictures in High Gothic and they show the same reverence for their wargear as other Space Marines. The Book of Counted Sorrows, the most revered artifact held by the Chapters Librius records the passing of each vehicle when it is destroyed or beyond repair with the same entry as would befit a fallen brother marine.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Lamentor Planning Stage and Execution.

When I first started 40k... back in the day, my favorite figure of all time was the High Warlock Figure from the Old Harlequin Range.

This guy here....

My Favorite RT era Figure.

Unfortunately he no longer graces the fields of battle as a High Warlock, but he remains firmly my all time favorite 40k figure from my youth. I therefore wanted to incorporate something of the figure as in the design process into my version of the Sanguinor for the Lamenters.

I started with this and have come down to the following as a design. Thus far...

1). Body. DA Vetran, legs apart moving forward. robed.
2). SM Lightning Claw from Captain/Commander.
3). SG "Infamous Nipple" Chest.
4). DA hooded head, but with the head drilled out to create an empty hood.
5). SG Backpack.
6). Iron Halo for above figure from Commander SM.
7). DA Book with sash.
8). Braziers from DA.
9). BA SG shoulder pads, the large winged type, identical.

I then looked for a custom base and came up with this;

Liked this base a lot. Unsure if the figure will balance but we shall see.

I sat down and spent about two hours searching bits sites to build the figure and then sat down and tried to imagine how close I could get to what I wanted. It kind of fits, and it echoes the memory of my Old High Warlock...

As for a scheme.... and painting more to come on that... but I can tell you... I didnt stick with the codex. Silver predominates my "Lamentor" and my SG version called the Sepluchery Guard. But you will have to wait till I have finished with them to see how they turn out.

I will leave you with a mysterious project that I hope to finish very fast over the next two weeks.... the one I will refer to as "Vladimir" my Chief Libby. :) The Keeper of the Book of Counted Sorrows.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adeptus Arbites Prefecture and Malvolion PDF

Native and Civilian Forces of Malvolion Circa 995.M41 to 998.M41
Commanding Officer; Adeptus Arbites Judge Executus 1st Class. Hugo Klavin

When the Lamenters reached Malvolion the world was already doomed. As the brethren started to descend in their drop pods to give support to the 50th Mordian and other Regiments and attempt to stem the tide of the invasion it was already too late to save the world. Malovion was a rich agricultural world with masses of bio-mass waiting to be consumed for a hungry Hive Fleet Kraken and the Lamenters had to attempt to deny it being able to feed. Inquisitor Draco leading the Ordo Xenos forces present and in overall command of the operation immediately took command of the civilian militia and seconded the Adeptus Arbites Contingent present on Malovion to his own forces.

Hugo Klavin Adeptus Arbites Judge Executus 1st Class. Segmentum Ultima, Planet Malvolion. Hugo wears his traditional black overcoat of an Arbite Judge, his Helmet, a relic itself of a bygone age is decorated with the Imperial Eagle looking straight ahead. The symbol of the Emperors all knowing judgement in those who the Arbite looks upon. The Clenched Fist symbol is a traditional Arbiter Symbol sometimes combined with Ivory Wings it represents the Arbites as greater members of the Ordo Forces. Hugo is also decorated with several awards on his lapels including a Bone Heart which is awarded after being wounded five times in service for enforcing Imperial Law.

The Adeptus Arbites upon Malovion were a recent addition to the world, having only arrived five years prior at the request of the senior Administratum Adept on the planet. An oversight in the Imperial bureaucracy had left the planet with only a moderate tithe of agricultural harvest and within the space of two decades, rich land barons that had been selling the excess harvest had begun to enforce their own frontier justice upon each other. The Administratum at first unconcerned with such things soon took an active role when an entire seasons worth of harvest was sabotaged and put to the flame only three days before the harvesting began. Disgruntled wealthy land owners were now indulging in their own private wars, hiring mercenaries and even bribing units of the PDF and Imperial Guard Garrison to fight on their payrolls.
Supression Squad Delta. Malovion Arbites City Plaza Precinct. 998.M41. The Carapace Armor of the Adeputs Arbites has not changed in over 10,000 years. The Armor design remains the same to give a sense of  dread and fear it has inspired over the thousands of years it has been in service.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Kralos Incursion 955.M41 Lamenters History

Please note; This is pure Non Canon Fluff and the pics associated are mine. I have incorporated some 40k elements. As I have been reading and playing 40k now for... well too long. Also I have honored my fellow Lamenter Brother Aventine, who has been an inspiration to finish this force. Thankyou Aventine.

Kralos Prime and Kralos Secundus. Kralos System. M41. Outskirts of Ultima Segmentum

The Kralos Incursion took place in unsettling circumstances for the Lamenters. It had only been a few scant Terran months since they had returned to full strength and they were now supposedly almost over seven decades into their crusade of penitence for their actions during the Badab War. Even with so much time past the Chapter was haunted by its actions. In some ways they felt vinidicated of their role and in others shameful for their actions. In the eyes of the greater Imperium however and the worlds they visited and assisted they were still Space Marines, in fact the Lamenters were little known to the worlds they rescued or threats they fought until they arrived as saviours. For the citizens of the Imperium, Imperial Governors, Fleet Commanders, Generals and Sector Commanders they were a gift from the Throne itself... marines willing to assist them against the Xenos threat which had reared its head.