Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scout Squad Victor

Name; Scout Squad Victor. 10th Company. Lamenters Chapter.
Organizational; Led by Scout Sgt Victor Nazeni

In 922.M41 when the penitent Crusade was launched the Lamenters were operating at less than 1/3 operational capacity. With limited resources and even fewer candidates to fill the huge gaps that had wiped out entire companies recruitment became a natural focus for the Chapter.

Sergeant Victor Nazeni had only recently been promoted to the 2nd Company himself when he was offered the position as a Sergeant in the 10th Company. Nazeni was known as a quietly spoken battle brother, who focused on the task at hand calmly and with a certain detachment. His steady voice even in the thick of battle would report whatever task he had been assigned. It was this quality that led the depleted Chapter leadership to promote him to Sergeant, entrusting his demeanor would allow him to educate the next generation of brother marines. Victor has held the position now for over seven decades and has become a counsellor, advisor and mentor to several Company Captains on matters technical and on the abilities of new brethren. Victor recently turned down the post as "Master of the Styx," (The official title of the Captain of the 10th Company.) as he wished to remain on active service teaching the recruits. Quietly the Chapter leadership have become concerned that the Sergeant may be experiencing battle fatigue after now 5 decades of constant active service moving from campaign to campaign.

Sergeant Victor Nazeni. Victor's favored weapon is the Sniper Rifle.

Although trained in all manner of weapons, it is infiltration and working behind enemy lines that Victor's skills really come to the fore. The Lamenters are no stranger to loss or bad luck and it has only been the skills and teachings of Victor that have saved squads of battle brothers and recruits that have been cut off behind enemy lines or when disaster has struck during an advance and forces have been surrounded.

Scout Sergeants wear Yellow Camo cloaks to show their rank amongst the recruits.

On the death world Operta, it was Victor, the sole survivor of his squad he eluded the Minotaurs for 6 weeks, leading them on a wild chase through the dead Savannah hills and gullies that litter the largest continent on the death world. With little more than his combat blade and a bolt gun he managed to kill at least 9 Minotaurs and destroy several valuable fuel dumps before finally being captured.

Scout Squad "Nazeni" 993.M41 Note that the Sergeant is the only member of the squad to have the full chequer pattern armor pad. The recruits are experienced members of the Scout Company as they have been awarded a basic 4 square chequer pattern for their own armor pads. Fresh Recruits or those with less experience begin with a pure white pad.

Victor is well schooled in the ways of the Codex Astrates and also employs more unique and self devised techniques when dealing with the enemy or new recruits. On Gista Ulix in 926.M41 he even went as far to ritually undergo extensive tattooing to prove to a group of new initiates that he was their new leader in place of their chief, instead of more traditional methods employed by other Astrates Chapters when recruiting initiates.

Scout Brother Harmen has served now 3 years as a scout and mastered all of the techniques taught him by Nazeni. Harmen has a uncanny aptitude with the Heavy Bolter and several Captains have earmarked the Scout to fill a place eventually in their own tactical squads. Harmen's biological brother Igorian was also recruited at the same time by the Lamenters when they inducted several recruits from the Ghost World of Naxin in 991.M41

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