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Lamenters Librarians

The Lamenters have always had to recruit from a variety of worlds, unlike their Blood Angel founders the chapter has for all of its history been a fleet based one. Although this has allowed greater flexibility in the ability to recruit from worlds, the chances of recruiting a potential psyker are haphazard and based off where the chapter currently is during a recruitment campaign. After the Badab War only four Librarians remained on the Chapter Honor roll, the former Chief Librarian had fallen during the conflict and a successor had yet to be named by the conclusion of the conflict.

Brother Epistolary Sonollion. Note that he is wearing typical Codex pattern colors. The Lamenters are a fairly rigid organization still adhering to the codex where practicality allows.
The Chief Librarian position is left vacant until a Lamenter Librarian has mastered what is known as the Book of Counted Sorrows. This tome a living document added to by each Chief Librarian records the fall of every Lamenter brother and the manner in which he perished in service to Sanguinus.  The tome itself has been rebound countless times and added too over the thousands of years since its inception and now consists of over 30 volumes, all treated as treasured artifacts by the Chapter. When the successor to the Chief Librarian has read each of the volumes and understands the loss and sacrifice and after his "testing" he is appointed Chief Librarian. The actual "testing" is an unknown rite to every member of the Chapter save the Sepulchre Guard. It is they who administer the "test" and it is their province alone whether the Chief Librarian has passed or failed. Failure however always results in the Death of the "Librarian Elect". After a completion of this test, the Chapter Master is presented with his new Chief Librarian who by tradition he grants his blessing and accepts as his chief advisor over all psychic matters.

Chief Librarian Ronwe. Ronwe is armed with a force sword of Eldar Design that was recovered some time in  M36. The weapons past is uknown but the strange matrix like honeycomb at its core amplifies the abilities of the user several times. In his other hand he carries an ancient plasma pistol, passed down from the same era.

The current Chief Librarian Ronwe has now served six decades as Chief Librarian, taking the test in 932.M41. Prior to his taking of the test Ronwe was known as a powerful Epistolary who showed a grim determination when engaged in battle with his enemies. With a booming loud voice Ronwe would erupt in battle using force lightning to blast opponents as he moved forward across the field of battle encouraging his battle brothers to acts of bravery in the face of their foes. He was known as a battle brother who although forever not accepted completely by his brother marines would often partake in the more physical competitions favored by the 8th Company Assault Squads when not in battle or completing his other duties.

A log entry by the Mentor Legion Chaplain Fortius in 925.M41 talks of a giant of a marine who's voice carried across the entire battle damning the enemy and leading from the front facing off odds of at least 50 to 1. However after his "testing" Ronwe has become stern. His booming voice still calls out across the field but their is now an inherent hardness in the tone and he no longer is as accepting of the company of his battle brothers. He spends his time in the Chapters Librarium adding line after line to the Book of Counted Sorrows and forever looking to recruit to the tiny brotherhood of librarians that still exist in the Lamenters Chapter.

Total Strength of Chapter Librarium 999.M41

Chief Librarian Ronwe
Epistolary Sonillion
Codicer Heran
Codicer Ignatius
Codicer Wizerav
Initate Codicer Lexiasto

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