Squad Banat Terminator Squad

Name; Lamenters Terminator Squad "Banat". Circa 999.M41
2nd Squad 1st Company.
Squad Veteran Sergeant Banat

The Lamenters are one of the few scions of Sanguinus that have had to rebuild  more than twice in the last 2000 years. The Chapter always cursed with bad luck has had its share of misfortune. Perhaps due to this the Lamenters are blessed with few functional suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armor. Since the closing of the Badab War only 24 functional suits are recorded in the Chapter Armory and most of those have been replacement suits issued within the last 8 decades by the Adeptus Mechanicus. It has therefore become a matter of honor for any Lamenter to say they served in the revered artifacts.

Squad "Banat" has served as a unit since 902.M41. The squad is led by Veteran Sergeant Banat who has had the honor or serving in the First Company for last 90 years. Banat had the dubious honor of being one of the few Lamenters who was not involved in the final confrontation between the Minotaurs Chapter and the Lamenters that knocked the Chapter out of the Badab War. Banat and his squad had been assigned to a deep strike rear tactical deployment on the very edge of the Pale Stars at the time and was too far removed from the fighting to return to help in the defense of the Chapter. Although this meant he spent the rest of the conflict in hit and run strikes being deployed by the Chapters sole remaining Thunderhawk gunship in service, he and the 20 other Terminator marines that remained have formed a core of veteran sergeants that now serve across the chapter giving leadership and increased counsel to the younger marines in their charge.

 Left side is Brother Harex and his Assualt Cannon, his Imperial Laurel on his chest denote his ability to carry a Company Standard in battle. Middle is Sergeant Bannat and to the right is Veteran Brother Tobias who's left leg is chequered in rememberance of the armor's former occupant Veteran Brother Darian who fought at the Battle of Penelopis in the Corinth Campaign, gaining much honor for the Chapter.

Due perhaps to the circumstances under which they operated at the closing of the Badab War, the Lamenters remaining Terminators have become a specialized strike force used as far reaching strike units that are adept at causing major carnage behind enemy lines. The squads are typically deployed via Locator beacon, beaming deep into the heart of the enemy and then attacking command and control structures and personnel.

It was Banat himself that slew the Ork Warlord Jimza during the opening of the Cardis Campaign in 974.M41. Teleported into the Warlords stronghold, Banat and his squad arrived during a procession of presentation to the Warlord and materialized in a throne room filled with Ork Nobs and bodyguards. Banat to his credit, remained calm and ordered his squad to open fire killing over 50 of the Nobs before the Orks could even react. The Squad's assault cannon weilding Brother "Harex" swept his weapon back and forth across the assembly until the barrel of his assault cannon glowed a dull red and eventually jammed. The squad eventually was reduced to using its Powerfists and Chainfists and took the battle to the Orks. Their armor dented and cracked and all hope seemingly lost as more Orks continued to pour into the Assembly Chamber it was only the arrival of two drop pods of Deathwatch Marines sent by Lord Inquisitor Draco that managed to turn the tide against the greenskins. With the arrival of the Deathwatch Marines, Sergeant Banat faced off against the Ork Warlord in single combat. Powersword and Powerclaw clashed together in the Assembly hall and Jimza appeared to have the advantage over the Veteran Sergeant when he managed to slide his weapon into a gap in the Ork Warlord's Armor. Banat lost his weapon as it snapped in twain inside the wound as the Warlord thrashed backward knocking the Terminator clad Sergeant clean off his feet but it allowed the now assembled Deathwatch Marines the opportunity to pump over 500 specialized hellfire shells from their bolters on full automatic into the Warlord who was blown apart from the attack.

Banat is armed in Tactical Dreadnought Armor with several individual markings. On his left shoulder his own heraldry of a broken blade to commemerate his victory over the Ork Warlord has been sculpted  being carried by a black and white wing of Sanguinus. On his left wrist he wears a feather token of the Ravenguard chapter. An icon of trust to signify that Banat has fought alongside the Ravenguard and earnt their respect. When asked about the action, the Sergeant in silent but smiles and recalls that the Lightning Claw Cousins of the Ravenguard are surely the Angels of Death personified and he was honored to stand with them. Also attached to his left arm is a "Liber Sanguinus" a reward for saving one of the Chapter's few Librarians in the Cardis Campaign. The scroll recounts how Banat and his squad were able to clear a path for a young Codicer to engage in a mental battle of wills with an Ork Werid Boy.  On his right leg a white skull and scroll design commemorate Banat's command over Strike Force "Sorrow's Trust" a joint Lamenters and Ravenguard mission which saw the Chapters Terminators fight together sometime during 990.M41 on a boarding mission of the Space Hulk "Heart of Darkness".  On his right shoulder a bronzed scroll is intricately carved with every member of the Lamenters who has worn this particular suit of Terminator Armor. Banat is the 56th name to appear on the scroll. Banat carries a Terminator Crux design on his banner the 2nd Squad's numeral proudly displayed beneath an "Imperial Bronze Eagle" awarded for valor.

Veteran Brother's Tarant and Loxinas are recent additions to Squad Banat having only served with the Squad since 944.M41

Banat's sword is a gift from the Ordo Xenos. The weapon belonged at one time to a Dark Angel Sergeant that died serving in the Deathwatch and it was a great honor for Banat and the Chapter when the Dark Angels agreed to allow it to be wielded by another Space Marine Chapter. The citation that went with the sword stated that the Dark Angels are no strangers to loss and pain in service to the Emperor but through perseverance that they along with their other Astrates Brothers and Cousins would triumph over their foes.