Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adeptus Arbites Prefecture and Malvolion PDF

Native and Civilian Forces of Malvolion Circa 995.M41 to 998.M41
Commanding Officer; Adeptus Arbites Judge Executus 1st Class. Hugo Klavin

When the Lamenters reached Malvolion the world was already doomed. As the brethren started to descend in their drop pods to give support to the 50th Mordian and other Regiments and attempt to stem the tide of the invasion it was already too late to save the world. Malovion was a rich agricultural world with masses of bio-mass waiting to be consumed for a hungry Hive Fleet Kraken and the Lamenters had to attempt to deny it being able to feed. Inquisitor Draco leading the Ordo Xenos forces present and in overall command of the operation immediately took command of the civilian militia and seconded the Adeptus Arbites Contingent present on Malovion to his own forces.

Hugo Klavin Adeptus Arbites Judge Executus 1st Class. Segmentum Ultima, Planet Malvolion. Hugo wears his traditional black overcoat of an Arbite Judge, his Helmet, a relic itself of a bygone age is decorated with the Imperial Eagle looking straight ahead. The symbol of the Emperors all knowing judgement in those who the Arbite looks upon. The Clenched Fist symbol is a traditional Arbiter Symbol sometimes combined with Ivory Wings it represents the Arbites as greater members of the Ordo Forces. Hugo is also decorated with several awards on his lapels including a Bone Heart which is awarded after being wounded five times in service for enforcing Imperial Law.

The Adeptus Arbites upon Malovion were a recent addition to the world, having only arrived five years prior at the request of the senior Administratum Adept on the planet. An oversight in the Imperial bureaucracy had left the planet with only a moderate tithe of agricultural harvest and within the space of two decades, rich land barons that had been selling the excess harvest had begun to enforce their own frontier justice upon each other. The Administratum at first unconcerned with such things soon took an active role when an entire seasons worth of harvest was sabotaged and put to the flame only three days before the harvesting began. Disgruntled wealthy land owners were now indulging in their own private wars, hiring mercenaries and even bribing units of the PDF and Imperial Guard Garrison to fight on their payrolls.
Supression Squad Delta. Malovion Arbites City Plaza Precinct. 998.M41. The Carapace Armor of the Adeputs Arbites has not changed in over 10,000 years. The Armor design remains the same to give a sense of  dread and fear it has inspired over the thousands of years it has been in service.

It was into this situation that Judge Executus, Hugo Klavin and 150 judges and support personnel were dispatched to the planet to return it to law and order and more importantly full production for the Imperium. Hugo had been a Arbiter for over six decades in which he had served with distinction on several planets. His conviction record of 226 guilty findings handed down within one hour of a civilian riot on the Gurtile Space Station still stands as a record for the sub sector.

Unknown Second Lt. Malovion PDF. Note the heavy chest plate Armor with flaming comet design. Although no longer used it's design represents a time when the Imperium used many different symbols in their worship of the Emperor on Terra. In this instance it is the Tailed Comet, an ancient Terran symbol lost in myth that involves an Imperial Army Officer known only as Sigmar, who became a Warmaster sometime during the Great Crusade in 987.M30

When an opportunity came  for Hugo to take a Judge Executus role on Malvolion he immediately petitioned for such an challenge to serve the Emperor. Within the year he was dispatched with a specialist team of judges used to fighting mercenary lackeys to Malvolion with a mandate to bring the world to order at any cost. A seemingly impossible task.

Squad Members of an Unknown Malovion PDF Regiment. The sergeant at the rear has a white skull on his shoulder guard to show his rank. The Heavy Weapons Officer is carrying a Necromunda Pattern Las Cannon, which is no longer manufactured by the Departo Munitorium. The design although compact and able to be carried by one man lacked the range that was required by heavy portable support weapons. It has not been in use since 987.M31 although it is a common sight along the border worlds of the Ultima Segmentum who have not been reequipped or had their limited production facilities upgraded.

When he arrived on Malovion, Hugo immediately sent Judges to the three most powerful Land Baron estates and bid the leaders them join him at the Administratum Central Complex the following day. When the Land Barons arrived, they bought with them the bribed and corrupt PDF and Imperial Guard as bodyguards, one Baron even had the sheer nerve to bring his own personal Chimera resprayed in pure gold, that he had acquired from the PDF. As the Barons assembled Hugo announced their arrest for the misappropriation of Imperial Property and demanded their surrender. The three barons laughed at Hugo until their personal communicators began to chatter that plasma lance strikes were being recorded at their compounds descending from the sky like bolts of the sun turned molten.  The Barons screaming in protest were then dragged to the City Jail. Meanwhile the Mordian 50th Heavy Infantry Regiment had begun landfall  and the outmatched PDF quietly returned to their barracks and would later be almost retrained to a man with several large scale dismissals of troops, as the first Leman Russ thundered into the Central City Plaza and took up a defensive position opposite the jail.

Malvolion PDF Trooper. Unknown Regiment Circa 997.M41. Note the M34 Spider Lasgun pattern still used by the PDF forces of Malovion. The weapon was standard issue to all Imperial Guard Regiments until after the Horus Heresy. The trooper is also dressed in Imperial Army Fatigues and Flak Armor. Commonly referred to as RT Flak it was produced en mass upon over 5000 worlds before the Heresy and became the staple uniform of the Imperial Army until its dissolution afterwards. Each world then became responsible for its own armor production.

When news arrived of the Tyranid threat, it was Hugo who immediately sprang into action directing civilian forces and attempting to establish evacuation centres at central locations. It was by his efforts in the few hours warning that many of the farmers of Malvolion were able to make their escape from the doomed planet. When the Tyranids finally made landfall, Hugo and the Central City Arbites Garrison took their places on the hurriedly created barricades surrounding the Adminstratum building and they took a heavy toll on the Tyranids before sheer numbers overwhelmed their position. When last seen Judge Executus Hugo Klavin was emptying solid shot rounds from his trademark assault shotgun calmly into two advancing Tryanid Warriors before they fell upon him slicing the Arbite in two from the waist.

Authors Note; These figures if you are unfamiliar with them are all RT edition circa 1987, produced by GW during the first incarnation of WH40k. I own a large ammount of figures, but only the Arbites are part of my Malovion Force. The Imperial Guardsman are usually there as conscripts for my Tallarn Imperial Guard Army. (Hence the different bases).


  1. Very nice use of RT minis! And I'm liking the descriptions!

  2. Thanks, the fluff salutes certain old school concepts and designs. The Necromunda Las Cannon, the Spider design lasgun and comet chest plate.. are all referenced specifically to either the 8th Necromunda Spiders or Warhammer Fantasy. I sometimes now get wtf? they arent GW figures... especially from younger kids.