Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chaplain Anastasius

 Name; Chaplain Anastasius Fero
Rank; Chaplain. Attached to 7th Company until 888.41M Reassigned 5th Company until 999.M41

Anastasius is an emotional marine for a Chaplain. Unlike most Space marine Chaplains he is not a stern foreboding character who watches his brothers for signs of heresy or impurity at every opportunity but a inspirational and determined figure. Anastatsius has an inner fire which drives him across the field of battle even more so than his brother Lamenters. As a scout in the early 780's of the 41M it was often commented how he was always first to talk of how the squad could accomplish its mission and was seen as a bolstering influence on morale when they were sent out to achieve a task.

In 800.M41 he became a member of the 7th Company and it was here that fate played its hand. Anastasius's squad was cut off from the rest of the Lamenters forces on the desert world of Turic by the rising forms of necrons who had been waiting for them beneath the sands as the Space marines had landed to investigate the disappearance of a Adeptus Mechanicus outpost on the planet. The 7th Company had been deployed in a flanking maneuver to sweep over the sands in Land speeders and Stormravens to investigate the Southern Continent and were unequipped to fight off a determined entrenched foe that rose from nowhere. At least 6 Land Speeders and 2 Stormravens were hit from Gauss weapons and were sent crashing down on the edge of a rocky canyon, the surviving marines, Anastasius amongst them gathered at the canyon and prepared to mount a defense against the metallic warriors who were advancing upon them slowly but steadily. Anastasius and eight other assault marines were greeted with a grizzly sight at the canyon entrance, the torn and bloodied body of Chaplain Gurel who had been shot down as well.

 The ancient Chaplain was dying his back broken and his face a tangled mess of flesh and shattered bone. Gurel however was damned if his death would not be an example to the marines and managed to rise to a sitting position spitting out the words. "You will prevail" before with his last breath he heaved his Crozius with his arm and sent the sacred object toward the marines. Anastasius caught the Crozius in his right hand and rising the ancient weapon above his head, tears streaming down his face his voice low and dark he began the liturgy of sorrow that Gurel had taught them all as young initiates.

Note the silvered adornment, Lamenters Chaplains are particular in their lack of golden coloring. Anastasius also has donned a skull helmet typical of most Chaplians in the Astrates, the reasons for which are unknown but not uncommon amongst the ranks of non codex Chaplains. His armor is still covered with the typical skull motif and purity seals adorn his legs. Of particular note is the chequered banner and censer. The censer is a particular tributary item utilized by the Lamenters, its origins are unknown.

After 12 days a Lamenter Strike Force backed up by a Baneblade of the Harkanian Fire Eaters Imperial Guard finally arrived at the canyon entrance having fought their way across the sands to rescue or recover their fallen brethren. There they found Anastasius and 15 brothers all alive still chanting the liturgy of sorrow surrounded by the broken metallic bodies of their foes in some places knee deep. When asked how they had survived, the marines their voices now hoarse and lips bleeding whispered of how it was Anastasius who would not let them rest, who forced them to continue fighting well beyond their limits of endurance. Anastasius was summoned by the Chaplain accompanying the Strike Force and demanded to know what he had done and how he had kept his brothers alive. The taking of a sacred artifact from the dead without the proper rituals being a particular taboo of the Lamenters Chapter. Anastasius knelt before the Chaplain and held the now chipped and dented Crozius before him before answering his eyes never moving from looking directly into his superiors eyes. "The Emperor protects" was all he said before looking away. The Chaplain grabbed the Crozius and slammed it against the side of the young marines head sending him sprawling flat before responding and holding out his black gloved hand for the marine. "Never look away when you are the righteous as you are the judge and must see all he cannot see from his throne." Anastasius took the black gloved hand presented to him and passed into the ranks of the Lamenters Chaplaincy on that day.

Anastasius served as the Chaplain for the 7th Company for over a century. However with the 7th Company split piecemeal to bolster battle line companies after 888.M41, he became the spiritual protector of the Emperor for the 5th Company, a position he held until the events at Malvolion. Anastasius fell at Malovolion last reports saw him leading the remains of the 7th and 8th squads in a desperate defense of the an Evac point which was then overrun by a pack of Tyranid Warriors armed with close combat weapons. 

Anastasius still wields the same Crozius he was thrown by Chaplain Gurel, the weapon worn and battle marked is a sacred artifact of the Lamenters Chaplaincy having been passed down from Chaplain to Chaplain since the end of 37M. It's design is slightly different, harboring its origins in creation were probably due to some now faded victory the LamentersSanguinus standing protector of the Emperor during the Siege of Terra.  His side arm is a bolt pistol of ancient design dating back to a time when crescent magazine cases dominated the Astrates Armory.

*The Liturgy of Sorrows is a particular chant of the Lamenters Chapter which recalls the funeral procession of Sanguinus and his eventual entombment on Baal.  It describes that Sanguinus would not shrink from his duty to the Emperor even though he knew his fate before going to face the Warmaster. Imperial Historians note that the Liturgy is a prayer of an earlier era or based from one that was popualr amongst the worlds visited by Sanguinus or saved by the Blood Angels after M32 till around 45033.M41

The Crozius is made from a simple application of a Death Company TH with the head removed and replaced with a Angel decoration from the DA ravenwing set. The armor is a head from the Death Company and the chest and legs belong to the DC as well along with the Shoulder pads. The backpack is a DA veteran pack with skulls and the banner from a SM tactical squad. The bolt pistol although partially obscured has a scope from the SM tactical squad and is from a plastic arm set from a character model (libby) circa 1990 Citadel/GW.

Simple Black color scheme with grey highlighting. I removed gold as it clashed too much with the figure and allowed the silver to show through. The scroll work is washed, but not the banner or skulls.


  1. Ahhh, that banner looks so awesome!! Problem with me having the bigger collection is you make me want to do stuff like go back and take all the bronze off my Chaplains! The next Chaplain I do is definitely going to have one of those lovely back banners.... oh, and very nice use of plastic components...

  2. I am unsure if your Chapies need the bronze removed. I think they look fine as are. The other thing you might want to think about if your starting to do banners is a new product that is out by Hi Res... I have bought a couple, they are resin banners with a robed angel like background. Going to try them for my banner of tears eventually. (If I get to that anytime soon.... sigh. Too much to do!