Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lamenters Armory

The Lamenters as a fleet based Chapter have always suffered a lack of Heavy Fighting Vehicles, items like Land Raiders and Baal Predators are particularly rare to find as part of their offensive arsenal. With the start of the Badab War however this changed dramatically with support for basic STC models such as the Rhino and Razorback being supplemented by Astral Claws who had the ability to produce the items quickly. Most of these were of the more modern patterns, however some archaic patterns not seen since the late M34 were noted by the Minotaurs and later Red Scorpion chapters in their battles with the Lamenters. Whether the Lamenters procured these or had a source of the older variants is unknown.

Lamenters Razorback "Imperius Dominatus" Circa 991.M41 The latest pattern, produced by the Forges on Juric Secundus. The Lamenters were blessed with 18 Razorbacks for their defense of the Forgeworld from an Ork Pirate Attack in 722.M41. The same attack that saw the destruction of the Lamenter Strike Cruiser "Fallen Glorius".

In the aftermath of the Badab War and with the Armory now depleted of most of the more exotic weaponry the chapter became reliant on striking quickly and delivering a deathblow fast to the enemy. The Lamenter's had always had a sense of self reliance due to their uncanny bad luck and it was only the foresight of the Chapter Master Malakim that kept valuable Thunderhawk and Stormraven gunships deployed over a wide area of the Pale Stars during the Badab Rebellion so that an enemy would not be able to wipe out with a stroke the Lamenters offensive capability. After the surrender at Operta to the Minotaur Chapter and their taking of spoils it was only then that the Chapter recalled its remaining Stromraven and Thunderhawk gunships that had been hidden or on extended operations at the fringes or outside of the Pale Stars warzone. Even so, the destruction of almost 90% of the Chapters land force Armory meant that rebuilding was limited to easily supplied vehicles like the Razorback and Rhino variants of the most local forgeworlds.

Side View "Imperius Dominatus" with the typical chapter markings. This Razorback must have been in service for a considerable time to recieve such attention such as the chequer plate. Some Lamenters vehicles are left the plain yellow with little other adoration if they are required in service quickly. The Techmarines are loathe to repaint vehicles after they have seen service, seeing it as an afront to the machine spirit that has already been in battle.

This would some eight decades later haunt the Lamenters and lead them again to the brink of destruction. At Malovolion any defensive action the Lamenters took relied on counter striking Tyranid offensive movements rather than holding objectives or supporting static defenses. The armored might of the 50th Mordian was bought low in first hours of the campaign, caught out in the Savannah plains of the main continent and then overun by the onslaught and acidic rains that Kraken used in the spearhead attack. The Lamenters 3rd and 8th Companies were deployed to assist in the support of the Mordians bore the brunt of the fighting and were wiped out before they could even establish a counter offensive.

Lamenters Rhino "Mortis". Known to hae an extremely troublesome machine spirit, Mortis has served begrudgingly as the transport for the 1st Tactical Squad 5th Company for over 25 years.

Lamenters vehicles follow Codex naming strictures in High Gothic and they show the same reverence for their wargear as other Space Marines. The Book of Counted Sorrows, the most revered artifact held by the Chapters Librius records the passing of each vehicle when it is destroyed or beyond repair with the same entry as would befit a fallen brother marine.

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