Monday, February 7, 2011

The Lamentor Planning Stage and Execution.

When I first started 40k... back in the day, my favorite figure of all time was the High Warlock Figure from the Old Harlequin Range.

This guy here....

My Favorite RT era Figure.

Unfortunately he no longer graces the fields of battle as a High Warlock, but he remains firmly my all time favorite 40k figure from my youth. I therefore wanted to incorporate something of the figure as in the design process into my version of the Sanguinor for the Lamenters.

I started with this and have come down to the following as a design. Thus far...

1). Body. DA Vetran, legs apart moving forward. robed.
2). SM Lightning Claw from Captain/Commander.
3). SG "Infamous Nipple" Chest.
4). DA hooded head, but with the head drilled out to create an empty hood.
5). SG Backpack.
6). Iron Halo for above figure from Commander SM.
7). DA Book with sash.
8). Braziers from DA.
9). BA SG shoulder pads, the large winged type, identical.

I then looked for a custom base and came up with this;

Liked this base a lot. Unsure if the figure will balance but we shall see.

I sat down and spent about two hours searching bits sites to build the figure and then sat down and tried to imagine how close I could get to what I wanted. It kind of fits, and it echoes the memory of my Old High Warlock...

As for a scheme.... and painting more to come on that... but I can tell you... I didnt stick with the codex. Silver predominates my "Lamentor" and my SG version called the Sepluchery Guard. But you will have to wait till I have finished with them to see how they turn out.

I will leave you with a mysterious project that I hope to finish very fast over the next two weeks.... the one I will refer to as "Vladimir" my Chief Libby. :) The Keeper of the Book of Counted Sorrows.

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