Friday, January 27, 2017

Reborn? or to reboot...

Well, if you actually are reading this... firstly yes the Zombie that is Lamenters 40K or this blog... is about to rise anew. I have been missing for quite a few years! If you are still a follower which some people maybe all good! I will begin adding again shortly... I have noticed several new Lamenter armies have come and gone since my last post... and I am truly sorry that my dear brother in arms Aventine has sold off his beloved Lamenters... Aventine how could you man!???!!!!

So Zenos... 5 to 6 years since a post what gives?

In brief, I had a break up with my partner at the time, then moved on to fantasy Warhammer for a period. I made two brilliant armies, Empire and Dark Elves... no blogs! and had a a regular opponent who was a Skaven... we played every week and did several narrative style battles. Truly some great stuff and creativity... then AOS appeared... and I felt betrayed. Being a stalwart who has supported GW... since 87 I felt how dare you remove the core of the game and turn it on its head completely... years of models, years of work making specific units... theme game boards... CANCON here in NSW over 10 years... and a host of other things... just all gone! Like most of us we tend to drift.. away and then return at some time to the hobby. I can't imagine me returning to AOS... as it is not my fantasy world... there is no Karl Franz... no Vlad... no Ice Queen.... and no Felix... they are all gone... This is what I was invested in... and its over.

So why a return to 40K... well actually it happened as I have a new house and I had to unpack... and finally I got to the 300 odd models of 40K and went hmmmm then I downloaded army builder and started reading the new 7th edition game... (new as in new to me...) I was a bit skeptical but the basis for everything remained. Marines were still 10 man squads, 1 special weapon, 1 heavy weapon... 1 sgt... 1 commander or HQ slot... 1 heavy support choice... yes the basics were there... the fluff still solid.. well for now at least... (Here is hoping Creed is not doing a Jean Luc... and becoming Necro or whatever he is... for now to only turn and save the Imperium.)

Another reason for my complete removal from 40K was also 2014... I had a massive heart attack. At 43 I dropped dead... at work... now for those of you interested that's not meant to happen to 43 year old guys with no history of heart problems. I was lucky... I had the best surgeons and best doctors... and now in 2017 with 9 stents in my chest... opening my arteries... I am fine... but if your gamer... and your hitting that 30+ plus mark or even high 20+... stop for a minute. Go see a doctor if you snore.. if you get swollen ankles when you stand for hours... they are signs that you may have heart disease. My snoring I thought was just being a fat middle aged guy syndrome who drank too much red wine sometimes... appears I was wrong... Central Sleep Apnea is a killer as your heart needs to race and kick in your brain... to say breathe... when this happens 50 times an hour... during sleep... you sleep about 18 minutes a night and wake up dead tired every day... Your heart does this fine... till your 35 or so... then it starts to get tired... and starts to wear out... go do something today... even if its checking your blood pressure.

Anyway... enough of this! More posts to come with some new units and I have dared pick up a brush again... working away slowly.

If you are still following... leave me a reply.... would be nice to hear who is still around! Cheers guys.


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  1. Welcome back, and glad to hear that things are turning around for ya. I look forward to seeing more lamenter-y goodness!