Sunday, February 12, 2017

Death Company

I have already done one post about my DC, but I finally got back to finishing them off. One of the hardest things to remember is what colours you have used in the past... and 80% of my paints have hardened to complete dust... but it still went OK for my first foray in sometime.

Lamenters Death Company. Note the Razorback support vehicle in the background. The Lamenters specialize their vehicles towards specific threats.  In this case the twin linked assault cannons make light work of masses of cultists leaving the path clear for the Death Company Marines to reach their hybrid and purestrain masters lurking behind them. 
The Lamenters were rumored to be different from the other scions of the Blood Angels due to several reasons associated with their founding sometime in M36. The cursed founding saw several chapters from it under intense scrutiny by members of the Ordo Xenos and Ordo Hereticus, the Lamenters each time submitted and tested their gene seed on time and were given a clean bill of health.... or so the story went.... Sometime in late M38 a popular myth began throughout the successor Chapters of the Blood Angels that the Lamenters had beaten the dreaded Black Rage and had successfully resisted the Red Thirst. The myth was traced by Commander Dante and Mephiston during the closing decades of 41M  and it came to their attention that it had begun in 772.M37 with the Angels Sanguine. The Angels Sanguine always a reclusive chapter even with regard to their brother chapters had encountered a Lamenters task force somewhere near the Eastern Fringes. The Angels Sanguine under command of a Captain Herrod of their 2nd Company witnessed 100 battle brothers of the Lamenters fight in pure Codex Astrates deployment patterns utilizing drop pods to put down a genestealer infestation. Herrod noted in his report to his Chapter Master that the Lamenters did not appear to be taken with any Red Thirst before the battle and even though vicious hand to hand combat occurred between both the Marines and the Stealers not one Lamenter had succumbed to the Black Rage in any form. The rumor took root and the Lamenters did nothing to dispel them, they continued their retreat toward the Eastern Fringe... already a cursed chapter with the eye of the Inquisition upon them.

Both of these Brethren advance across the sands carrying the typical armament of the Death Company a chainsword and bolt pistol. Lamenters have never left their Death Company on the field, having recovered 100% of their casualties. It is unknown what rituals are employed to the fallen after they are recovered. 

In 911.M38 almost a century later, upon the desert world of Tarboltun III, The Tallarn 141st Armoured Regiment reported that the Lamenters had unleashed their forces far from the front lines using rhino's and razorbacks to deliver black armoured figures near the watering holes and vapor farms that the cultist led PDF were using to sustain their resistance from the Imperial authorities. The reports mostly from rough rider units based at the very vanguard of the main advance talked of black figures sited in the distance wailing such terrible screams as if they were in agony. When the rough riders arrived however to render aid, they were only met with the corpses of the cultists. What happened over the course of that century... is a mystery that may have died at the hands of Hive Fleet Kraken.

Lamenters Marines advancing across Tarbolton III. Note ornate and decorated armour styles comparative to regular battle brothers. Even their equipment is adorned with wing, heart, chalice and blood imagery. Yellow however appears as the prime colour offsetting the black armour. Weaponry is typically ornate, it is unknown whether the Lamenters allow their brethren to use their own weaponry or have specific weapons that are issued to those whom have fallen to the Black Rage.

Notes; I managed to finish them all and get them based in fairly quick fashion with just some finishing up touches.... The terrain is all hand made.... styro with rope for the bushes... just cut down and then untied... very fast.