Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Lamentor

Like most of the scions of Sanguinus, the legend of the Sanguinor has spread through the ranks of Lamenters. However it would not be at their founding or even during some of their most pressing battles or campaigns that their own or perhaps a twisted version of the Sanguinor finally revealed itself to these macabre sons of Sanguinus.

The Chapter records indicate the start of the legend within the Lamenters occurs much later than that of it's cousins. It was not till M38 that the first chapter record indicates some sort of presence upon the field that could be attributed to the "Sanguinor" or as the figure became known the "Lamentor". Although the Chapter Reclusiarchs, Calix and even Librarians investigated and continued right till the end of the M41 to be vigilant for a return of the figure, there are only four known records of the being fighting alongside the Lamenters and in two of the instances, all Lamenters were killed who were at the battles leaving only an Imperial Guard Psyker in one case, and a Pict Recording in other to even reveal its presence.

By the end of the M41 only one pattern could be ascribed to the figure. It always appeared on a planet or place that Sanguinus had visited previously during the era of the Great Crusade. What this foretells or means has become the subject of increasing debate amongst the Chapter Leadership. In one hand the Lamentor carries what some believe to be the original "Book of Counted Sorrows" a record of every loss suffered by Sanguinus and the Lamenters. A single Lightning Claw that has been described as able to cut through Admantine and Power fields as if they did not exsist is his only armament.

For Imperial scholars should the "Lamentor" ever become known outside of the Chapter, it will add to the growing unease that is prevalent amongst several Inquisitorial factions already calling for a full investigation into the Blood Angels. As for the Blood Angels themselves, no known records indicate their own knowledge of the "Lamentor".

Lamentor. Arms are Lightning Claw, Commander Sprue. Book is Dark Angels Veteran Sprue. Helm is a Dark Angels Vet Head drilled out. Chest is Sang Guard Sprue. Body is Dark Angel Veteran. Back Pack and Wings from the Sang Guard Sprue. Shoulder pads are Sang Guard and MKVI Corvus Armor "beakie" shoulder pad.

Designer Notes:

I wanted this figure to be specifically Lamentor rather than a carbon copy of the Sanguinor. However I had to ensure it remained a design that would fit with the army. In one hand he carries the Book of Counted Sorrows... detailing the losses of the Chapter and Sanguinus. (Why I have left deliberately mysterious but the idea is that the Lamentor only appears where Sanguinus met defeat or great loss during the Great Crusade.)  The white and black are very Lamenter orientated and the claw... was part of the inspirational and homage to the RT era High Warlock figure for Harlequins which remains even now 20 odd years after release my favorite figure of all time in Citadel cast.


  1. I like it, but am actually more interested in how you got the torso to fit on the robes so well?

    I tried to convert it myself, and it seemed not to fit properly - I was building a Librarian. I may not have tried that particular robed torso/legs combo though...

  2. Was the combo... and some file work.

  3. Model looks fantastic mate. I love the hood especially. Reminds me of Tyrael from Diablo II/III. Great conversion.

    Also as always, nice job writing such good fluff. Best I've found from a fan playing BA.

  4. Sweet paint work on the wings. The base really fits the colors of the model aswell