Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Grey Knights

I have steadily been increasing my GK numbers as time allows. As my main focus is my Warhammer Empire Army (close to being done) at the moment, I doubt I will add too much more to these guys apart from perhaps a Land Raider or a few Dread for longer range firepower. Here is the first lot.

Old 1987 style GK with a more modern counterpart. The sizing has held up quite well over the period of 20 odd years.

I made the colors all the new style rather than the aged. The only point of difference being the Gold Helmet for the Squad Leader for the RT era figures.    

I kept the shoulder shields (the originals so I was quite lucky to get 5 all together)

Shoulder detail

Razor awaiting decals. The weapon is a Psi Cannon

For my regular readers I will do some fluff for the Lamenters and a more indepth post of the Stormraven next week. Enjoy.


  1. Very nice site, some really good modelling and painting!
    I am thinking about doing a Badab War chapter, Minotaurs? and came across your site.

    Will add you to my blog exchange and vice verse if you like?

  2. Sure go for it. You should join the Badab Bloggers though... thats our main site.

  3. I was wondering if you could provide some details on that psi cannon conversion- it's one of the better ones that I have seen.