Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Bird....

One of the final projects as I run the Lamenters towards completion and then gaming is the Stormraven.

The particular model was designed to go with some Death Company that I have a feeling I will get redone at some stage as I am not that happy with them. But I was happy with the Stormraven itself.

I chose plasma as it is my favorite... and of course I went with multi-melta as it is almost whats needed. I did the Heavy Bolter sides just for fun, and I use it with them from time to time.

Anyway... here is Stormraven Arterial in her glory.


  1. Boy that's bright. I use Vallejo Filthy Brown on my Lamenters. Nice work though.

  2. Looking really awesome, but I miss all your stories!!

  3. Eh... when I have time sure.. stories coming.

  4. Thanks, have enjoyed reading your blog. Those cheques on the flying taxi are have very clean lines.

  5. Awesome stuff Zenos, I feel inspired to get mine finished now! Look forward to hearing your story for it.