Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Grey Knights

I have steadily been increasing my GK numbers as time allows. As my main focus is my Warhammer Empire Army (close to being done) at the moment, I doubt I will add too much more to these guys apart from perhaps a Land Raider or a few Dread for longer range firepower. Here is the first lot.

Old 1987 style GK with a more modern counterpart. The sizing has held up quite well over the period of 20 odd years.

I made the colors all the new style rather than the aged. The only point of difference being the Gold Helmet for the Squad Leader for the RT era figures.    

I kept the shoulder shields (the originals so I was quite lucky to get 5 all together)

Shoulder detail

Razor awaiting decals. The weapon is a Psi Cannon

For my regular readers I will do some fluff for the Lamenters and a more indepth post of the Stormraven next week. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Bird....

One of the final projects as I run the Lamenters towards completion and then gaming is the Stormraven.

The particular model was designed to go with some Death Company that I have a feeling I will get redone at some stage as I am not that happy with them. But I was happy with the Stormraven itself.

I chose plasma as it is my favorite... and of course I went with multi-melta as it is almost whats needed. I did the Heavy Bolter sides just for fun, and I use it with them from time to time.

Anyway... here is Stormraven Arterial in her glory.