Sunday, January 9, 2011

Transportation for Deathwatch

I had decided to go with the deathwatch having a Rhino to zoom about in.

I have also decided to add some extra's to it. I found these from Scribor Mins. They are ok... but I am rather puzzled by the fact they dont sit perfectly in the centre of a rhino top hatch or why they made them too large to fit on the door panel of the rhino. If they had I would be reccomending them.

I am thinking of doing one in bronze and adding it to the central top hatch of the Rhino. However it will have to sit flush over the door opening section. Although this is not a problem it may look a bit werid to begin with. The panel also is too large for the rear door to sit on nicely either... which I should have measured first... hmmmmm

The rhino is basic black, so I can use it for the Arbites, Stormtroopers or even transport for the Inq and his retinue to just give it more use on the field.  I used the word Lament just so that it has some tie in with the rest of the force.

Rhino "Lament". Formerly of the 9th Company Imperial Fists. This Rhino was tithed to the Ordo Xenos in 722.M41 upon orders of Captain Ithica of the Imperial Fists after being aided in a cleansing mission of the Space Hulk "Clarions Call" by elements of the Deathwatch and Inquisitor Draco Flintloque. Current whereabouts unknown.


  1. You did a nice job painting the Rhino and I love all things Deathwatch or Ordo Xenos but it looks a bit plain. Any plans for the Inquisitorial =I= on there?

    Also do you have any Deathwatch painted up yet?


  2. Thanks, it is designed deliberately to be more plain at this moment in Time, until I decide where exactly in the force it will be going. I have done a squad of deathwatch..

    The thing about Rhino and Razorbacks is that they are fairly easy to mix and swap about when you don't deliberately label them for a particular squad. The rhino above will fit in ok with the Inquisitor or an Arbites squad for now. As for the I symbol. I will wait and see what the new codex brings first. I don't want to spend ages painting at it only to have it not to be able to be used.