Sunday, December 26, 2010

Death Company Lamenters

Well another finished section. The Death Compnay as I previously wrote about for the Lamenters is one of the more BA elements of the chapter. It is designed around the Death Company for the BA but I wanted it to have a slightly different thematical element. I had considered alabaster armor but it seemed not as keeping in line with the fluff.

I went with a yellow and black scheme for a few reasons

1). To keep the colors tied to the force generally
2). To ensure that it still had that BA styling in it as a successor chapter
3). I wanted to keep away from the bumble bee type color scheme

The DC are armed with two inferno pistols, 1 PW and 1 PF. I did 10 of them so I can do smaller squads when required. I also had a Razorback and Rhino completed for them as well to give me even further options for a delivery method.

I do not like the idea of a JP death co, I guess it has more to do with control of the force than anything else. The biggest problem is controlling the dc and making them head toward what you want them too. On foot, at least you have that ability. I also am not convinced the only delivery method is a LRC or LRR as is most probable. Unfortunately with only 1 LR of any type it becomes a fire magnet for all forces, and I thought it was better served as a Terminator delivery option or at the least standard assualt squad option.


  1. Those are looking really good. I would have gone for the black instead of bone if the IA book had come out before I made them. I don't regret my choice too much though :). Don't overlook the utility of a Rhino for those guys. The fact that it is fast gets them stuck in extremely quickly. What unit do you have planned next?

  2. Thanks Av! As the only other Lamenter player I know I appreciate the comments. I am currently doing a Rhino and Razorback for them, Razor with TLLC. I do like the Alabaster scheme you have done for yours. But the fact the force was originally designed as part of a Inquisitorial allied force that have a very black and yellow theme I tried to stay with it overall.

    The one thing I have deviated from is how I intend to do my Honor Guard and Priests and the Chapter Master. But I will leave that for my next post.

  3. Well, they need based! :P

    Man, those really look rather excellent.

    Anything that makes me want to paint more black is rare, but this achieved that - good job!

  4. Actually TKE the painter is like a stone throw from you.... muhahahahahahhahaha!!!! They work for me secretly at night, while during the day they watch you... watching always watching.. Hope your freaked out now.