Saturday, January 29, 2011

Squad Miksa Tactical Marine Squad

Lamenters Tactical Squad “Miksa” Circa 995 to 999 M41.
3rd Squad 5th Company
Squad Sergeant Miksa

Squad Symbol; Black Lightning bolt on a Blood Orange Field.
Symbol dates from the founding engagement of the 5th Company just after it came to full strength in M36. The company took the lightning bolt as its symbol after it became known as the “Bolts” after their Captain famously cleaved an Eldar Warlock in two as he sped past on his jet bike, leaving a corpse that looked like it had been split by a bolt of lightning.

The 3rd Tactical Squad is currently led by Sergeant Miksa and Squad Leader Grato. Miksa received his appointment to the tactical squad after his performance in a cleansing  action at a fallen Imperial Shrine on Huxtor II. Sergeant Miksa was one of the first to enter the Shrine and then assault marine was exposed to acidic stealer spittle which melted his helmet and left him with burns that have seared his face and neck and destroyed his larynx. The rage and grief that overwhelmed the Sergeant was so great he began to cry tears of blood but even injured it was Brother Miksa who successfully along with Brother Janlein and Brother Gaius that managed to fight there way to the nave of the shrine and held out for over 4 hours until other forces arrived.  It is recorded that over 300 stealers were slain by the three marines and when found they had run dry of ammunition and their blades were bent and dulled from use.

 Miksa now speaks only in a strangled whisper, his breathing regulated by a cybernetic implant. His squad has become accustomed to watching their sergeant closely who prefers to communicate through hand signals.  The squad is one of the few Lamenters units all equipped with MVII helmets so that Miksa can effectively communicate without having to raise his voice. He still uses the same chainsword he was issued with as a young assault marine and he has named the weapon lovingly “Whisper” in a mocking reference of how loud the weapon is once activated.

Note the changed Heraldry on the Sgt and two marines.

The squad however harbors a secret known to nobody outside of the Chapter Senior Calix and Chapter Reclusiarch. Miksa and his two remaining brothers are the first since the resurgence of the Red Thirst to encounter what the Chapter leaders believe to be the Lamenter’s grief personified.

 During the action as the Assualt Squad entered the shrine, a silver figure appeared dressed in baroque armor painted silver with ebon and white chequers displayed proudly, his cowled face hidden from view. The figure stopped only to bless Miksa who’s grief and hate were the only things keeping the injured Sergeant standing before the figure started his righteous slaughter of the Stealers. Miksa and his squad never saw what became of the figure and could only follow his trail of destruction toward the nave of the Shirne, where he and his squad fought valiantly to cleanse it of the foul Xenos taint.

Sergeant Miksa

When relieved only the three brother marines remained to tell the stunned Chaplain who led the relief force that they had been honoured to fight alongside a hero of the Sepulchery Guard (The Lamenters version of the Sanguinary Guard). When the Chaplain said such a thing was impossible as the Sepulchery Guard were light years away an immediate search began for the figure, yet no trace could be found.

Although all three brothers were tested by the most stringent tests both psychic and physical, it appeared they had been telling the truth. After many weeks of discussion and debate the Chapter Reclusiarch and the Chapter Calix summoned the three marines and told them they had been granted  a great honour. The three marines were given their own  heraldry to replace the wounded heart of Sanguinus upon their shoulders and sworn to secrecy never to reveal or discuss what happened at the Shrine.

All three brothers were transfered to the 5th Company to replace battle losses and promoted to full Tactical Marine status. Sergeant Miksa took the leadership of the 3rd Squad.


  1. Thankyou for the comment. Its not the best chapter to have picked but I loved the fluff. The big thing I am finding over time is that my yellow is changing. The squads look ok together but the army assembled has variations. Thats my big issue. But I live with it.

  2. Love all the fluff bits, has really been inspiring me to do some more with my stuff. I am somewhat interested in mildly merging the stories we have going on, I'm definitely going to take the term 'Sepulchery Guard'...

  3. Your more than welcome to use what I have done. The Sepulchery Guard are one of the three units that I am devising that are Lamenter specific. The other two are the Honor Guard variant, and the other will be "The Lamentor". Your welcome to contact me for what I have done so far. Just send me an email at srparkhill at gmail dot com

  4. I went back through a bunch of my units posts and added back story, thanks for the inspiration. If you want to check them out, just look on the 'fluff' tag on my blog...