Saturday, January 22, 2011

Squad Fernec Lamenters Tactical Squad

Lamenters Squad “Fernec” Circa 993-998.M41
1st Squad 5th Company
Squad Veteran Sergeant Fernec
Squad Symbol; None taken. Traditionally the 1st Squads symbol has been a white skull on a yellow background. However under Veteran Sergeant Fernec no such symbol is displayed.

Fernec has been a Veteran Sergeant now for over 110 years. He has risen steadily through the ranks before taking his position from its former holder sometime during the Badab War. Fernec is an enigma amongst his brethren; he has seen action in a thousand war zones across hundreds of worlds and has participated in over 200 drop pod assault missions. Each of these actions he has proven time and time again to be a dependable leader and stood for 2 years as beveret Captain of the Company until the appointment of Captain Konstantin in 958.M41

The Veteran Sergeant is a champion of Codex Astrates. He follows it as strictly to its letter as possible. If circumstances had been different, Fernec would be a senior member of the Chaplaincy or a Captain in his own right if he had been recruited into a more Codex adherent chapter.

The men under Fernec’s command are kitted out in perfect Codex tactical gear and formation for any mission. The Missile Launcher and Flamer the weapons of the Standard Approach Tactical Squad from the Codex. Fernec himself is armed with the standard Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, the traditional weapons of the Tactical Sergeant and on his backpack sits a “Bronze Eagle” to show his position as Veteran Sergeant. At his waist on a length of Admantium chain hangs his “Crux Termiantus” rewarded to Fernec after spending 25 years as a member of the 1st Company before his promotion to Veteran Sergeant. As a former beveret Captain Fernec also wears a white loincloth to show the honor. On his chest plate a “Bronze Skull” sits proudly marking 100 years service to his Chapter. Fernec allows little Sanguinary decoration within his squad. His belief that the scions of Sanguinus are capable or resisting the Red Thirst when they apply themselves wholly to the Codex Astrates.

The squad itself contains examples of several different armour types, each member of the 1st Squad is a veteran in his own right, Fernec gets the pick of the entire Company for recruitment and most of the older Lamenters gravitate toward the Sergeant and it is a 5th Company honour to be selected to serve in the 1st Squad.


  1. Squad is looking good. That Fernec sounds like a real hard-nosed traditionalist. I'm sure the Lamenters were in the midst of their 'cure' when he was recruited, thus it probably truly saddens him to see things like the Death Company in his Chapter...

  2. That was kinda the idea. I wanted a blending of codex and BA material for my squads. However this one was pure Codex, plus they were AOBR figures so I wanted it to show they were the "standard".