Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pegasus Hobbies Kits and Additions

As I am currently building a large collection of terrain I hope to do a review of each of the Pegasus Hobbies products that I am currently purchasing and using to build my game board. My game board is planned to be a 6ft x 4ft area, so I am able to comfortably use it for Warhammer 40k and Warhammer.

My first idea was to use MDF as the base of the board, cut into three sections all 4ft x 2ft. This would allow me as I don't have a regular gaming room at this moment, to pack the board away. In the past every table I have had has been the 6ft x 4ft model and in the early days always painted green with green flock over the top, this of course was great if its kept set up... not so great when you have to stand it up and the flock keeps falling off. So therefore I have gone this time with the 6ft x4ft model but split into three parts.

I discovered Pegasus Hobbies by accident, when I was in the local Hobby Co here in Sydney and I saw their sandbags. At first I was unsure if they would be in the 28mm scale so I went home and did some comparisons first and tried to do some net searches.... One thing I found out is how much people will discuss things without giving the basic facts and information. So as I am sure somebody will get some use out of it, here goes.

1. Pegasus produce a few ranges of products or are associated with companies that do. Their product in the Mussuem Range, like the Gothic Building, Small Gothic Building, Trees, Sandbags, Fences, Barbed Wire and Techno bridge etc, are all perfect for 28mm heroic gaming.

2. The Pegasus Military Collection or Mussuem range is a great product, I have now collected quite a bit and can tell that its all pretty good stuff. The sandbags were all well painted, resin and quite heavy but great same with the Gothic Rubble. The ruins and boxed sets which I have gotten I am slowly assembling, it is a small pain to cut them all off the sprues, but its well worth the effort and they all are interchangeable, well the ruins and the gothic buildings are. The product also takes paint well too.

3. Pricing... go ebay the items and do a check of the prices, I picked up in total for less than 100 bucks. A gothic building large, 2 gothic ruins set1 buildings, 2 techno bridges, 1 barbed wire. I had to be careful on the postage from OS, but the above will allow me to build the basis for everything else I need in my terrain project.

I will post pics as I build my stuff, but so far am very impressed with Pegasus product, it also is a close match for the GW stuff.


  1. I've used tons of Pegasus terrain products and they are great!

    Also, check out the chem set, syberclicks, hexagon, and platformer sets from pegasus or their related companies. They all have their uses.

  2. Very true! I agree, they make some great stuff.