Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Intro and Hello

I have never really wanted to do a blog before, but as I find myself more and more becoming embroiled in the 40k and Warhammer Fantasy scene again, I have decided to map my progress and its various projects as they come to pass.

At the moment I am working on four different projects.

A Lamenters/Lamentors Space Marine Army with Inq allies f0r 40k. This is my showcase army.

An Imperial Guard Army, based off the Egypt campaigns of the British Empire circa 1880-1889.

Terrain and features for a game board, both Fantasy and 40k.

Empire Army for Warhammer Fantasy, based off the old Elector region of Sylvannia before its fall into darkness at the hands of the Vampire Counts.

I hope to write as many reviews as possible as well on the project and bits and parts that I use and the various websites and things that I pick up along the way. I am a regular poster under the name Alexious on Heresy Online too. :) I will also make comments about codexes and other armies that I come across or any tournament level play that I get into.

Please feel free to comment and leave a note if you play and your in Sydney or NSW. Always looking for new opponents!

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