Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nobody expects the Spanish... and trooping the color.

Well another week has gone past... unfortunately I have not had much time in the last week to do a lot on my army. However I have been considering the direction of the army and what I will eventually do with it. Due to the re release of the GK... this presents me with what to do with my Inquistional forces which I am trying NOT to relegate to Apoc missions.

Therefore I have decided to create a modest 1500 to 1750 point Inq force after the next codex is released based off Inq Storm Troopers as a troop choice.

However more about that in the future. For the moment I am now working quitely away on my Death Company and have come up with an appropiate scheme for the Lamenters to show their BA roots, but also add some more flavor to the forces.

Traditional BA Heraldry and Designs are all red, with the Death Company being basically Black. The IA9 specifically shows a Lamenters Marine DC.... in traditional gear of black. The only other Lamenters site I know of... over at Zen 40,000 has done his in alabaster white.

I have decided to go with a more traditional scheme

Standard Lamenter.

Death Company Lamenter

I am still not sure about the scheme.... and the representation above is meant to show the black basic color and the yellow as the accent. Comments are welcomed....

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  1. I think I'd go with yellow shoulder rims like you have, but then checkers on the knees, just to really firmly identify it as 'Lamenter' and not just 'yellow'. Anyway, really like all the stuff you have been doing...