Friday, April 2, 2010

Inq and Retinue with Arbites

Well the Ordo Xenos components are starting to take shape now of the force. I should note that although I planned the army and theme, I am greatful to Todd from Nocturnal Studios for 90% of the painting here. I do bits and parts and also do all the terrain, when I get around to posting it up, but I do enjoy doing that more than painting figures themselves.

So here we go...

This is my psker division of the Ordo Xenos. Its really for the Inq as a retinue, as Mystic/Sanctioned Psyker/Warp Seer. They have turned out really well and they continue to give me further ideas on how to do more with the army.

This is my Arbite squad, part of the remenants of the cities PDF and also can double as Inq Storm Troops with Shotguns.

I love the Judge figure, I always have since I started 40k during RT. Its my favorite figure of all time.

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