Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chapter Master Lamentors


In Imperial Armor 9, the Chapter Master for the Lamenters is given a brief blurb and we are told that he wears gold and chequey armor. (Strange way to say chequer pattern, but meh). We are told that he is blonde and we are given an overview of his weaponry and the fact he is the Lord of Ruin. (What this means is not discussed apart from the ability in game it provides).

My take on the Chapter Master... (Malakim) is slightly out of touch with this description due to the fact I prefer to do my Sang Guards and Honor Guards with a Silver focus instead of a Gold one. Yellow and Silver suit each other ok as colors and I wanted my Sepluchre Guard (Sanguinary Guard), to be a different feel from the  Blood Angels but continue the theme of the BA heraldry and design process.

Here he is. My only downfall with the figure is I cannot secure anymore of these bases... the company having closed. But I think it suits him well!

I should note too.. I designed the character and the parts, but Maggy from Redstick did the paint for this and the Lamentor. (I am good... but I am nowhere near that good). Next week we begin with some finished GK elements.

Base (unfortunately I only have 1 more of these... probably to be used for a future figure)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long time coming update (Lamentor)

The Lamentor. (Lamenter's version of the Sanguinor).
Parts are DA Veteran Body, SG chest, DA veteran head with drilled out face to make blank.
Lightning Claw from SM commander sprue, Book from DA Veteran Sprue.
Shoulder pads are from SG sprue and so is backpack.

Color Scheme is black and white split quatered.
Hi all!

Sorry havent been posting work work work.....

Anyway here is an overdue update of my Lamenters! Enjoy! I will write a background fluff part and also do some more action shots to show the figure in a better light with others.

Side view showing type VI armor pad and black quatered side.