Sunday, April 24, 2011

Assualt Squad Canto

Name; Assault Squad Canto. 7th Squad 5th Company. Lamenters Chapter
Organizational;  Led by Veteran Brother Sergeant Walen Canto.

As replacements for losses became increasingly difficult during the Crusade the Lamenters were faced with a difficult choice.  The Lamenters were constantly moving from theatre to theatre of operations throughout Segmentum Ultima and from 841.M41 through till 999.M41 only a short three teran month respite was given to the Chapter when at least one of its companies was not deployed in action.

Assualt Squad Canto 964.M41. On the left is Veteran Sergant Canto. At the rear with meltagun is Honored Brother Gabo who's real blood twin fights in another unit. Brother Handel a fairly new recruit had just been awarded his first purity seal which he wears with distinction on his wrist. Veteran Brother Iona who's trademark fighting style of using two bolt pistols would prove invaluable in the confined tunnels of the underhive of Tyrian gave the unit much needed extra close range firepower. New recruit Brother Dexter eschewed his helmet giving rise to his nickname "goldy" for his pale straw hair.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some GK interlude

Been a slight while since an update. Rather busy with work. But here are a few work in progress shots on some GK that are being completed.

The Grey Knights fascinate me as an old school gamer, they were never my ultimate style of unit, prefering more the SM type, but they are particularly useful for me putting together a Inq based force that can no longer be complemented by my Lamenters.

These are the older metal GK figures. Not the oldest I have in the pipeline but the metal ones popular from about 2003. I keep the bases the same throughout my armies for 40k so that they can be all applied for apoc missions.

They are certainly quite good figures compared to the new plastics in retrospect. I will be doing a full GK but more Inq style force over the following weeks to show you what is possible with them.

For now however, it appears my Lamenters will have to stand without their Inq allies.... unless I do some Apoc stuff. But it does allow me to create a themed army that can stand alone.